Monday, May 31, 2010

Daddy Unloads, A Birthday, and Gardens in Bloom

Daddy Unloads several links in my e-mail inbox!

Looks like the maxi-dress is back in.  Daddy sent me the following link from the New York Times to prove to the girls that longer is better...for now!  They don't need convincing, though.  They are content with the longer skirts and now there are so many more appealing styles.


Daddy also sent the following for homeschool use.  I have to check these out a little better.  But, this cool link on e-portfolios is very interesting.  This could really serve some of our older kids as they continue on through high school and use technology to showcase more of their work online.  This provides a great way to digitally archive all of your online work from blogs to social networking sites.  Cool!


And then, there is Voice Thread, an online collaborative site with a K-12 option for sharing with other students and educators


Daddy was also busy trying to find a million and one uses for an ageing computer.  Here's a link to an article listing a few suggestions for computers instead of just giving them the boot!  Honestly, I would just opt for giving them the boot.

old computers

And in case I was feeling like my degree is going stale...which it is!!..Daddy sent me the following link so I can keep up with the latest in the Biology world.  This is a very cool article for a science geek like me!


I also finally came across this site for more homeschool resources.  Love2Learn is a collaboration of bloggers and has quite a wealth of information.  Enjoy!

A Birthday

This little sweetie turned 7 yesterday!

Our Blooming Gardens

Oh, and everything is blooming and flowering around here!  Roses, Peonies (yes, my new peony bushes have 4 little blooms!), the mock orange, and a very interesting little bush planted in a hedge behind the buckthorns are in full swing.  Here's a little look.

Happy Memorial Day and Kick-off to Summer!

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