Thursday, May 20, 2010

Birthdays, Birthdays, Birthdays!

First off...It's my 3 year anniversary!  WooHoo!  Three years of abstinence from sugar and weighing and measuring my food has gone by quickly.  I can hardly believe it, but honestly taking one day at a time really does work.  I couldn't believe when I started that I could even string 2 days together let alone 3 years.  Anyway, I'm over the moon.  And, BTW, I feel great, I'm wearing my summer clothes from last year, and Nick isn't even 3 months yet!!

Jane's birthday is tomorrow!  The little squirt turns 2 and is already going around the house saying, "Cake."  Maybe she'll need to abstain from sugar later on.;)

Grandma Carol's birthday is on Sunday along with one of the greatest birthdays of all...the Birthday of the Church...Pentecost!  I found some cool ideas over at Shower of Roses Blogspot.  I told Monica about this little number, and she's excited to make it.  Maybe I'll just help Jane blow out the candles and thank the Holy Spirit that I can look at it without drooling.:)  Now that's a miracle!


  1. Congrats Grace!!! I'm so happy for you! Little Jane's bday is a sign of new beginnings :)

  2. Wow, Grace, that's awesome! Great job! I have not cut out all sugar, but try to avoid most of the bad white stuff. I know when I do that I feel so good and am not bloated and cranky. :) Keep up the good work!

  3. What exactly is your reason for abstaining from sugar and weighing/measuring your food? I have to do this when I'm pregnant because I get gestational diabetes, but I can't imagine doing it all. the. time.

  4. Thanks, Nora & Jenny! Michelle, I am addicted to sugar...I'm not just jokingly saying that...I really thinking, reactions, hormones, senses are all affected when I ingest sugar. I am also a compulsive overeater. I've been working a 12 step program for comp. overeating for 3 years now & one of the ways to keep myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically accountable is to abstain from sugar (all forms) unless sugar (all forms) is listed 5th or higher on an ing. label and to weigh and measure my food according to my nutritionist's prescription. For years, I didn't know what I was holding back from God in order to grow spiritually. I finally found that sugar, for me, was that thing. I also have a history of diabetes in my fam. so I decided to take prevention seriously. Thanks for asking.:)


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