Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Week in Review - 3rd Week of Easter

~~~Praise the Lord!~~~

Well, we finally found a mother's helper!  The kids have been feeling like they are the Von Trapp children...there are 7 of them, and now they have a "governess."  Well, not exactly, but she did live in Switzerland (close to Austria!) for a while.  She looks nothing like Julie Andrews, but she's about as sweet and loves the kids.  Lejla (Lay-la) officially starts tomorrow.  She'll be here to watch over the little ones and help with a few household tasks while the rest of us try to get school work done.  This is really an answer to prayer.  My peace of mind has already begun!

~~~A Week of Firsts~~~

Lucas had an incredible week!  And let me say, it was all I could do not to blog about this as it was all happening on Monday & Tuesday.  Staying off the computer has been a bit difficult to say the least!  So here is the first "first."

He was so excited about losing his first tooth, he couldn't stop showing it to everyone.  He lost it toward the end of the day!  So, the tooth fairy left him this note...and $5.00!

Dear Lucas - I found your tooth in the driveway.  Here's a little treat.  If you find it tomorrow it's probably because I dropped it.  It was too heavy for me to carry!  -     T. Fairy

As if that weren't enough, the next day he started riding his bike!  It's amazing how you go from this...

to this

to this

We are so proud of him!

~~~A sweet friend~~~

Maria has had a beautiful Sister from the Missionaries of Charity teaching her Evening School of Religion class.  Sr. Julian Paul has been so excited all year about the baby, Nick, because Maria has been keeping her updated weekly.  I finally got Nick over there so Sr. could meet him.

I love this photo!

~~~The Garden of the Good Shepherd~~~

Like I mentioned in the last post, this week we were focusing on God as creator of the heaven's and earth.  To celebrate this week we took a field trip to the Science Museum and spent a lot of time in the Science of Weather area.  It was a lot of fun!  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so no pics of that.:(  This week we will be focusing on the sea and being fishers of men.  I'm really loving this aspect of family formation with the kids.  They love putting the stickers on the calendar and reading the Scripture passage that pertains.  It's been really great!


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