Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Week in Review

~~~Lenten Lesson~~~

It's been a very busy week to say the least.  Getting back to a schedule has been a bit challenging, and I made a new resolution from my Lenten experience.  I've always wondered if people ever keep up their Lenten disciplines after Lent is over.  I never have, but this Lent I really enjoyed giving up the internet on Fridays.  I usually go to bed at night feeling guilt over something or other that I did not do with the kids:   not reading to them, not spending time playing, yelling to much, not listening enough, or being to busy with my own projects.  On my Fridays in Lent "too much time on the internet" was not on that list of guilt because I wasn't on at all.  Success!  So, I decided to keep it up and limit my internet usage.  I decided to blog only once a week...hence, the week in review...and I only get on to check e-mail in the morning or when the kids are on a break.  There were days this week when I didn't check it at all!  Success!  I had already decided to scale way back on my Facebook usage so I knew I could do it.  It's actually not been hard, and I feel a lot better about the time I'm spending with the kids during the day.  Success!  Now for our week...

~~~Easter photos with Grandpa Ben & Grandma Carol~~~

We had a beautiful Easter dinner with Ben, Carol, and my brother.  It was great for the kids for us all to get together!

~~~Wednesday Art with Miss Marianne~~~

This week the kids worked on drawing sheep.  This was very appropriate for our week in the garden of the Good Shepherd.  You'll see the sticker calendar in a bit!

~~~Fun with Friends~~~

A couple friends visited today.  They both dropped off baby gifts and stayed a while to chat and see the baby.  This is a great photo of some of the kids playing out front.  Look at those smiles!

~~~Mommy Time~~~

I also got a chance to make these for Nick's Baptism this Sunday.  I was so excited to try these!  I found a way to make a stencil and used that to make the monograms on these cookies.  I think they came out like I wanted!

~~~The Garden of the Good Shepherd~~~

Here's a pic of our sticker calendar for the 50 days of Easter from Tomie de Paola.  We were introduced to the garden this week.  And although I wanted to take the kids on a field trip to visit a sheep farm, we were not able to do that.  I will still pursue this as I think it would be awesome for us all to see real sheep and visit a farm.  I did receive in the mail today a wonderful account of a Basque sheepherder and his explanation of Psalm 23 thanks to my friend, Mary.  She's my "montessori connection!"

~~~Goals for next week~~~
  • Pursue the sheep farm field trip,
  • make cookies for a friend's First Communion,
  • continue with school work,
  • enjoy the week with the kids and Paul!

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