Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Week in Review...Finally!

I wanted to do separate posts along the way of all that we've done over the last few days, but time has not allowed for that so I'm down to doing a week in review to update you all on what's been going on around here.

I had to redo the zipper on Molly's Easter dress.  Now that it's finished, I'll start working on Jane's dress.  I was happy to get to Joanne Fabric & Crafts to pick up that material plus a quilting bundle to make Nick a little blankie!

--Feast of  the Annunciation--

For dessert that evening the kids and Daddy had "Angel Food" cake with cloud-like whipped cream and yummy strawberries.  Thankfully my neighbor was able to lend me her angel food cake pan. This was a first for me, and it turned out quite well...obviously, this is Daddy's last bite!

--Stations of the Cross...At Home!--

We've been very blessed this Lenten season with the opportunity to attend Stations of the Cross almost every Friday of  Lent this year.  In year's past we've done them at home because of little babies or squirly kiddos.  I purchased these little votives, we would line them up, and the kids would take turns snuffing them out.  They love this!  This Friday I had a much needed errand to run...clothes necessity for ME so we had to improvise, once again, with our home version of the Stations. 

--Belated National Pig Day Celebration--

This was such a fun evening!  We had pigtails & pizza with canadian bacon.

We also had a plate full of pig cookies.

There were Piggy Back Races in pink clothes!

And...they watched "Charlotte's Web!"

--Lenten Tea--

Today we had a fun Lenten Tea with our friends, the Krafts.  They have a beautiful family so it was fun to spend the day with them.  We followed Alice's Lenten tea suggestions found on my Family Formation page under "Holy Thursday."  Here are a couple of pics.

Some very happy girls!

A disgruntled boy who didn't want any olive oil on his olives!

I am so excited for this week...Holy Week!  We have another Lenten tea scheduled for Tuesday, a Seder meal planned for Thursday, and Stations of the Cross for Friday.  Then we begin all of the Easter preparations.  We will also be tagging along with all the Garden of the Good Shepherd Garden Parties for the Easter season...more on this later!


  1. Great summary, Grace! I love the Easter cute. (belated) National Pig Day looked fun too! Too bad we couldn't do votive candles when we were little. I think there would have been too much fighting over 14 candles to extinguish. Our Lord would have had triple the stations! :)

  2. Thanks, Auntie Nora! Sorry I couldn't take your call yesterday or last night...between the baby & the kitchen...and the blogging...there was no time left for a call.:( We'll have to catch up later!;)


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