Monday, March 15, 2010

To Compare Is To Despair

I had a day from hell! Of course, every day is a blessing and to have a day as a mother of 7 is even more of a blessing. However, I did hear on the radio that studies have shown that on the Monday after a time change there are reportedly more accidents, missed appointments, and other I shouldn't feel alone! Regardless, I was feeling a bit frazzled after Jane's opthomology appointment ran 30 minutes late, lasted a whole hour once we were in the exam. room, went clear through the lunch hour, and was over at 1PM! To top it off, as I was dreading getting my stroller down 4 steps so I could get 6 of the kids back to the parking ramp, I ran into a mom I knew at the charter school the older girls were at 3 years ago. Her daughter and our oldest, Monica, were very good friends so she did recognize me, said "hello," and kindly helped me get my stroller down the steps. She held 2 doors open for us and chatted for a bit. Turns out she works downtown at the Berman Center and for HCMC doing diabetes research. I was immediately struck with envy. I have a Biology degree that has now gone stale. Plus, here I am completely hungry, sleepy, in a bit of a daze with no diaper bag (and Nick clearly needed a change!), the kids were hungry, and "Hey! We homeschool, I'm a SAHM, and I just had our 7th child!" To rival Kolbe Academy's beaming ad that "the face of homeschooling is changing" my face of homeschooling was looking weary! It was just one of those days when you wonder if you're really doing God's will or just kidding yourself. It was actually a fleeting moment of envy. I hope this Mom is being fulfilled doing what she's doing. I can certainly say my life is full. It's just what I choose to do with that fullness everyday that can either make us the same or set us apart. A good friend of mine coined the phrase "to compare is to despair." To wish someone well and stand proud to be who you are is rather hopeful!


  1. Sounds like a perfect storm. Today is another day...

  2. Thanks for the perspective!;) Hopefully, we can talk today...sorry I couldn't yesterday...hope your dinner was fun!:)


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