Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday Successes Vol. 1

Michelle over at Made for JOY has a wonderful thing going with her "Saturday Successes." Instead of looking at a daunting Saturday To-Do List, she posts updates of all her "Saturday Successes." I like to think of them also as "blessings" that come as a result of our vocations. I really love my "job," but looking at a To-Do list makes me feel a bit like this:

Yes, that's baby Nick giving us his first act of defiance! Anyway, this is how I feel when the business of Saturday rolls around. With that, here is a list of my "Saturday Successes." And, go check out Michelle's at the link above...Go, Michelle, Go!! She's doing a birthday party today...kudos!

  • Nursed the baby
  • Showered
  • Ate my breakfast
  • dusted my bedroom
  • cleaned 2 bathrooms
  • ate a snack
  • chatted with my sister
  • supervised & ate my lunch
  • nursed the baby...I lose track of how many times I nurse him!!
  • washed 3 loads of laundry...with my sister's help
  • dressed the baby
  • drove to the airport with the crew to drop off my sister...we'll miss you, Auntie Nora!!
  • dropped oldest girls off at birthday party
  • stopped at Williams Sonoma for an apple corer & a larger batter bowl...unsuccessful
  • supervised little kids' snack & ate mine
  • did my journaling
10:00 PM Update
  • nursed the baby
  • made dinner while dealing with a plugged up kitchen sink!
  • nursed baby again
  • ate my dinner
  • helped Paul unplug kitchen sink
  • nursed baby
  • rocked Jane to sleep
  • folded two baskets of laundry with older girls and Paul
  • washed a few kitchen dishes that were left in sink....girls unloaded & loaded the dishwasher!!
  • eating my snack now & off to bed in a bit:)


  1. Yeah, Grace! Thanks for joining me! I've got to figure out Mr. Linky one of these days, so we can link up!

  2. I miss you guys! Oops did I do something to the sink?

  3. @Michelle: It's great to have a new perspective on Saturdays!!:)

    @Nora: It's just the sinks way of acting defiantly and trying to get a bit of attention....of course, it had to happen right after you left!

  4. Joseph said, "Nick doesn't look too happy in that picture!" Pretty observant comment, huh? He's a beautiful addition to your family. Can't wait to meet him!

  5. Funny, Heather! Yeah, I can't wait for you to meet him, too.:) Paul said it was great to see you all on Saturday!;)


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