Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Weighty Sub-Issue

I saw earlier on Facebook today a weighty thread regarding women getting one step closer to being allowed to work on submarines that was posted by a friend of mine. It was a heated yet very informed discussion. I agree with one of the main "posters" in the thread that women should not be allowed to work on subs because of the issues of non-communication for extensive periods of time and the numerous accomodations that would have to be made for women that may put the majority (men) at risk while trying to do their jobs. Of course, some of those who were weighing in were arguing from the stance of equal rights for women and likening the situation to women working for Nasa. Hmm? Not really an apples to apples there! One of the last "posters" made a comment about how she'd felt like she'd been beaten up and was being preached to. I felt like sending her a "Hurt Feelings Report"...of course, I won't do that. But don't you think many of these issues go into the emotional category and get eased into legislation without very much regard for the practical issues of the matter? Saddening really!

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