Thursday, February 18, 2010

Small Successes vol. 1

Over at Faith & Family Live every Thursday several Catholic moms post three of their small successes for the week. I think I need to acknowledge my small successes because it's been a rocky, uncomfortable, and penitential week. I just need to reflect and see that God loves me SO Gabe would say.:)

1. I let go of not being able to get to Mass for Ash Wednesday because Gabe and I were both not feeling well. Gabe was sick with the stomach virus that has been roaring through our house, and I have terrible back labor so it's almost impossible to sit for a long period of time. Not the Lenten start I would have wanted, but it feels good to let go.

2. Was able to get the kids' Lenten activity charts and our family sacrifices listed and posted.

3. Was able to get my food packed for the hospital, the bassinette set up, and the boy bin of clothes located, sorted, and washed for our newest'll be any day now!


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