Monday, February 8, 2010

My Pregnancy Profile & Kitchen Organization

I've been wanting Daddy to snap a pic of me during this pregnancy so I have something to put in the baby book. We finally got around to it yesterday after Mass. So here I am! I know it won't be long now...contractions are a little more frequent and a bit stronger so we are definately on the home stretch!

On another front, I read an article last evening that suggested putting dishes, glasses/cups, and silverware down lower so little helpers can unload the dishwasher, put things away, and set the table with ease. Sound a bit like the Montessori Method? I've known about this idea for years, but was reluctant to try it because I liked my method of organizing my kitchen which helps me (short me!). I'm giving in because I obviously need the help, have needed it, and will continue to need it in the future! So, with that, here are a few pics of the result!

The roll out shelf is under the range where pots and pans used to be. Daddy & I moved these up to a higher cupboard that we can access easily. This roll out is great because the kids can access the whole shelf all the way to the back for cups and glasses.

I moved all the most frequently used silverware to this basket caddy which also has room for the paper napkins.
This will stay on the counter top and not the table since Jane is now climbing and hunts around the table for things to get into. The handle of the basket allows little ones to carry it back & forth for table setting.
Hope this new method works!:)


  1. Great! Now I'll know where everything goes when I get there!

  2. good idea. I need to use this to help with setting the table.

  3. Thanks for the comments!;) Here's the original link to the article I read in Disney Family Fun magazine.
    I originally got this idea from a friend in Seattle years ago, but the article pushed me over the edge. With our baby due in about 3 weeks, I was compelled to try something different.:)
    Good luck!

  4. I just wanted to say that you are a gorgeous pregnant woman and we have those same dishes!

  5. Thanks, Charlotte! That is very sweet.:) Cool about the dishes! I found two sellers on Craigs List 2 years ago & bought both sets so we would have enough for our large family for a whole day. I love the little blue plates...we use them for breakfast, lunch, and snacks...not too crazy about the bowls, but the plates were the clincher.;)


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