Monday, February 15, 2010

Illness Taketh Over

Everyone's dropping like flies over here. We've been overtaken by a stomach virus. Thankfully, it's all relative just like winter. I woke up every morning last week to 1, 0, and -5 degree weather, and it never phased me! Now when I hear someone in a bathroom somewhere tossing their chips, I'm not phased at all. Problem is I think I'm next! The thought of delivering this baby on top of having a stomach bug is a bit overwhelming. Also, I don't eat a lot and love the food I do eat so the thought of not being able to eat for a whole day is very sad for me. I am consoled, however, by this cute little heart sitting on my desk that Paul drew on the envelope of the Valentine card he gave me. I love the way he draws these every year on the envelopes. It just looks so cute!

On a lighter note, we had a fun Valentine's dinner yesterday, and the kids did a spontaneous "Mass" for those sick ones who couldn't go. I'll upload pics later when everyone's firing on stabler cylinders!;)

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