Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crafty Wednesday

I saw this at Sarah's blog and thought, "We should do some cool crafts on Wednesdays or at least maybe I should start yet another project." However, I realized we do arts/crafts every Wed!
Here are a few pics of 4 of the kids working on watercolor art projects with Miss Marianne.'s what I've been working on:
When I get all the pockets bound and the cover on, they will look a little more like this. Also, once the kids do the projects, they will be filled with loads of information on Ancient Greece!

Here are the kids' finished art pics!


  1. You are certainly covered a variety of craft today. I love a day filled with lots of crafty items. It is such a pity we can't do it all day , every day.
    The watercolour pics are fabulous.
    God Bless

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog.:) Yes, we were very busy yesterday & have another craft day planned for tomorrow in anticipation for Sunday! I love what the kids do with their art teacher...she's great!:) We are very blessed to have her work with the kids.

  3. hello, i see you are listed as a new blog member at catholic moms online. I've read some of your posts. you have a beautiful family and lovely and handsome little flowers. and oh you must be so excited about your little one who's almost here. I really like your idea about moving the dishes and cups down to the pots and pans sliding shelves, and the silverware basket. what a great way to let my 3 year old (also called my Little Flower) help me set the table. I will give this a try. Nice to meet you,

  4. Thanks for checking us out here!;) I'm so excited to be on Catholic Mother's online. Yeah! Good luck with your kitchen cupboards.:) This has been such a blessing these last few days and will give our "little flowers" an opportunity to be useful once the babe is born!

  5. That Ancient Greece folder is GREAT! We do a lot of are arty stuff on Mondays! It is good to have a day set aside for that fun stuff!


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