Monday, February 22, 2010

The Chair of St. Peter

I was trying to think last night of what to do with some of the kids to celebrate The Chair of St. Peter and ran across 2 lessons we never got around to from Family Formation. Of course, I can always count on "The Church" to help me with our homeschool, and God always seems to have my back with these kinds of things! Here are 2 of the girls working on their chair & papal crown coloring pages.

Here are a few pics of Maria working on our domestic -Universal Church visuals. This is great! First you have the individual who becomes a member of the Church at Baptism.

Then you have the family!
The family forms the domestic Church so here is Maria putting a little house over the family.

Now you have the parish so she's fitting the parish over the house.

Now you have the diocese so she is fitting a cathedral over the parish.

Then you have the Universal Church represented by the Vatican so Maria is fitting a replica of St. Peter's Basilica over the cathedral!

Isn't this great! We were able to review a few questions about what the girls learned this month at Family Formation regarding apostolic succession, the popes, the 4 marks of the Church, and how we are all part of the Body of Christ.


  1. I love all the pictures you put of all the family formation activites. Your children do a great job. I too had a great time at your house and so did the kids.

  2. Hi Grace! I just found your blog on some meandering internet search and was excited to see some familiar stuff like this. The first few posts I read included photos of children who looked really familiar to me and now I see Mardi Gras photos of you and your husband and I realized why. (You were in our hs co-op a year or two ago.) Thanks for the lovely blog!

  3. So glad you found us, Margaret Mary! We didn't sign up for the coop or Family Formation this year, but we sure loved our time there.:) Thanks for stopping by!


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