Friday, February 12, 2010

7 Quick Takes (Vol. 1...for me!)

I can't believe I feel inspired to participate in this. Here goes:


Did a little kitchen reorganization in anticipation for having our baby! Here's the post with all the info.


After seeing a need downstairs for the kids' playtime, I decided to look into getting a larger activity table. We found a table we liked at Pottery Barn, but boy they really stick it to you with the chairs! We left the store with the table, and I decided to scan the internet for more reasonably priced chairs. I found them at half price through Kid Kraft. I spent this morning homeschooling the kids and assembling 5 of the which the kids were wonderfully excited to not have to wait for Daddy to put them together! So, can you say "Home Economics"...check? I think so!


Picked up another book that will help with my nightly meditation. "When Jesus Sleeps" by Luis M. Martinez is perfect for me now. I definately have moments at this stage of the pregnancy when I think Jesus is asleep in my boat in the midst of the storm all around. "Why are you sleeping at a time like this?" Well, this book is helping me meditate on why.


I've been thinking & praying a lot for my husband, Paul. He has been busy working on putting together his application for a promotion to professorship at the Chiro. college. I want him to be at peace. It's too much to have both of us not sleeping at night!


I decided to host a party for the older girls this weekend. I want them to have one last "hurrah" with their friends before the baby is born. Interestingly, one of the girls also got an invitation for a birthday party next Saturday, and the boys have an invitation to a birthday party on the 25th! How cool is that? Last "hurrahs" for everybody before the baby is born...check!


I'm getting a new stroller system! After all this time, I've never had a "new" stroller. I've always shopped garage sales, thrift stores, Craig's List, but I've never broken down & bought a new travel system. We did buy a new double stroller years ago, but my infant car seats have never matched any of the strollers they've been paired with. I saw this ad at Babies R Us so Paul will be going out shopping during the girls' party tomorrow night to pick up the new rig!


I'm so thankful for Lysol wipes! As I was starting this 7th take, Molly ran into the bathroom and barely made it! Looks like she has a stomach who knows if that party I mentioned in Take 5 will actually come to fruition. I think I'd better get off now & phone the moms so they can brace the invitees for a cancellation.:( Bummer!

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