Sunday, February 21, 2010

2010 Lenten Activities

Here are a few of our Lenten Activities for this year.

Our Lenten Calendar from Family Formation

And these two are my favorites...our Lenten Family Sacrifices which I decided to post so we can all help each other out to attain our Lenten goals. Isn't that what family is for? The second photo is a new idea I had to transition from our prize bin (which included a lot of candy!) to a sacrifice jar. I'll still keep track of the kids' daily good deeds (can't have them slacking off!), but instead of prizes they will take a grain of wild rice (perfect...they are blackish brown and look like thorns!) and add it to the larger vase. We'll count them all up at the end of Lent to make a donation to our favorite charity or just make a donation to our parish. Then the kids will get a group prize sometime during Easter to celebrate their efforts and all the beautiful Lenten sacrifices.

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