Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dreading the Afternoon

It's time to order our books for the year! I am really dreading it and yet it's on the calendar so I have to get it done today. A box of books came yesterday, and I haven't opened it yet. I think it's the fear of having to find more shelf space, bin space, and other storage spaces for all the incoming "stuff" for the year. I always tell Paul that 3/4 of my life is currently spent straightening, organizing, pitching, resorting, and compiling. It's a mind-set, a groove, a zone that one has to be in. I should have known there was something in the cards for me when I used to get a thrill out of taking everything out of my closet, throwing it around my room, and loving to reorganize it all! Kids shouldn't like to organize stuff, but I did! Weird!!

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