Friday, April 3, 2009

Taking Notice

We couldn't think of the actual virtue so we came up with "taking notice." So in the 4th station when Veronica wipes Jesus' face, she took notice of his need as he walked along carrying his cross.

We have a Wendy's close by that we frequent every Friday of Homeschool Coop. We've since befriended a young man who always takes our order and greets us with a smile. He mentioned 2 weeks ago that he would have a birthday either April 2nd or 3rd...we couldn't remember the exact date. This morning before HS Coop, the kids wrote a card, signed it "The kids in the big blue van", and packed it together with 3 Easter chocolates. I handed it to him along with my credit card when I paid for lunch in the drive-thru.

You should've seen his smile. He probably doesn't need the card or the chocolates, but he may have needed a friend. Now he has 7!

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