Saturday, April 4, 2009


I'm consoled that Jesus didn't just run right up to be crucified with no pain & no exhaustion. He walked, and fell, and bled, and suffered. So we've been focusing on courage today with the 7th station where Jesus falls the second time.

I left piano lessons on Thursday a little upset as I was thinking about an unresolved issue. The piano school rents space out of a church, and I've been concerned about a safety issue since we've been at that location. This is an issue that would not only benefit those of us who do lessons, but also the school program for the church. I approached the pastor last fall about my idea, and he didn't get back to me. I had pursued this with the director of the music school and now the pastor. Won't someone take me seriously?!! Mind you, this isn't my church and it's not my pastor. I'm just a concerned parent.

I came home from Family Formation with the girls this morning to find a little message scribbled on a notepad: "Pastor Gehlbach" and his number. I was shocked and Paul quickly told me the pastor had called and wanted me to call him back immediately.

Turns out, the pastor didn't forget about my idea and he's willing to try to resolve the problem. Just when I was starting to despair, God pulls this off on the day I'm focusing on courage! I guess I, too, can't just run right up to the goal with no obstacles. I need to exhibit courage in the midst of difficulty. Then God will act.

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