Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Courage in Humiliation

I hate being humiliated! You know being stripped, standing exposed, feeling vulnerable. This is how Jesus felt in the Tenth Station when he was stripped of his clothes before his execution.
However, with the choices I've made, it happens quite a lot. Having a family isn't easy. You get stripped of your free time, your reading time, your free trips to the grocery store, your free trips to Target, your free prayer time in the morning, and any other freedoms you enjoyed before that family. You are at the mercy of God's will on a moment to moment basis.
But I'm glad I'm not going at it alone. Paul goes through the same thing. We all do in some way or another. Following Christ isn't easy, but it doesn't mean going around the cross. It means going through it.
So let's all feel vulnerable together. After all, He went before us...stood before us cold, naked, and friendless. The least I can do is smile when He asks me to take one more step!

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