Friday, October 31, 2008

Autumn Leaves

The leaves were just gorgeous a couple weeks ago. After a few days of cooler weather and rain, we've just about lost all the leaves now. It was great to take walks around the pond near our home and take these fall pictures. I think Fall is my favorite season because of the colors and smells.:)

Homeschooling Activities

Here are a few pics of two of our homeschooling activities. Of course, our history book is written by a woman who is raising 3 boys and 1 girl so our crafts are usually very boy-oriented. Here, the girls are timing themselves to see how fast they can load a traditional rifle v. an Enfield rifle (I made these mock versions with paper towel tubes, flour, and wax paper....don't ask!). The other pic, is of them sporting their Second Reich pikelhaubes from 1871 during the time of Wilhelm II and Otto Von Bismarck. Paul let us use his baseball caps to make the helmet bases. We then attached the spikes and eagle emblems.

Oh, the fun just doesn't stop!;)

My Pitch for Election '08

OK, I was not going to do this, but I found these pics of us at the McCain/Palin Rally here in the Cities. We took all four girls and Paul snapped the pic. It was a zoo, but very energizing to say the least.

Lucas's 4th Birthday

We've been so busy with school and other activities that I'm backed up on blogging. Here are a few pics of Lucas's 4th birthday. This was back at the beginning of the month. He's grown so much!
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