Tuesday, August 12, 2008

IKEA...a good IDEA?

I ventured down south of the cities to IKEA with Paul today....with all the kids!!

It was a wee fest to say the least. After I got over the initial shock of all the Swedish names, the inside grocery store, and the fact that we could all eat lunch there for 20 bucks; I quickly told Paul to check on whether the childcare room had a charge. After 10 minutes of quietly being alone while Paul checked out childcare, he returned to tell me, "there's a 30 minute wait!"

OK, I gathered up my energy and got over my embarassment of Lucas, Molly & Maria playing house in all the rooms of the showroom. We actually came away with some good ideas for storage solutions and a potential bench for our eat-in kitchen.

So maybe next time I'll get a sitter....now that's a good IDEA!
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