Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spring Recital

The girls had their Spring Recital last Saturday. They had their last lessons last Wednesday, and Paul and I were getting a little nervous that they would actually be able to pull their pieces off. It was sounding a little unpolished with our piano at home so we were a bit concerned. Thankfully after their Wed. lessons, they were able to walk away with enough confidence for Saturday. Here are a few pics of two very accomplished piano players.

Oh, The Chaos and the Fun!

It's been quite a week. Monday we drove 2 hours south of the cities to drop Monica off at camp. She went down with a couple other girls and has been fine so far. We actually leave tomorrow to pick her up and spend an overnight in New Ulm. It should be fun for all the kids.

Aside from that, I developed mastitis Monday night after we arrived home. It slowly progressed all day Tuesday resulting in my needing an antibiotic and lots of rest...yeah right!

I was startled Wednesday morning after a night of fever and chills with a crew of workmen who were installing the windows upstairs. I had forgotten that the job was scheduled for yesterday and today...gee, I wonder why I forgot!! Anyway, the windows look great and give the house a very updated look...score!

Last Friday was our official last day of school. Hooray! For our end of the year field trip I took the kids to the Bell Museum of Natural History at the Univ. of Minnesota. It's a smaller museum and we picked up free passes at the library.:) Here are pics of the kids in the Touch and See Room (they touched cockroaches, a millipede, and several bones and furs....ew, ew, and double ew!) and in front of the museum.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Chalkboard Art

I was going to erase the chalkboard before going to bed but Paul wanted to save the artwork in perpetuity.

Molly and Maria decorated the board yesterday so here are their pictures. Note the copy of Great Expectations in the hands of that classically trained young mind.;)

Friday's the last day of school!! If you click on the pictures you can expand them to see more clearly.:)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

New Baby...Priceless!

I was inspired to write the following Mastercard commercial during my lunch today after Paul & I saw the new Mr. Bill pitch for Mastercard. It's very cute. Here's mine:

Pack of Newborn Onesies.....$6.00

Box of Disposable Diapers......$20.00

Somewhat Uncomplicated Hospital Birth.....$2000.00

Picking a leaf of lettuce and licking the dressing off your newborn's leg as you nurse her.....Priceless!

For everything else, there's Mastercard.

Here's a link to view the Mr. Bill commercial:

Monday, June 2, 2008

Word Girl

Molly was telling Daddy and me that Jane is "cute, beautiful, and esquisite." It took us a while to figure out she meant "exquisite." She then told us it means "very nice or pretty" according to Word Girl! We're glad she's learning something from PBS! We actually like the surf guitar in the theme song, the 60's references to super heroes, and the very cute sidekick, Capt. Huggy Face!

My Feeble Attempt...

at photography is here. Thanks for the great photography tips, Heather! I did most of what you said.:) I even found a beautiful shaggy throw for the background for the baby. I did two color washes: one in black & white and the other in sepia. Daddy likes that word: sepia!

What do you think?

Happy Birthday, Molly!

Molly's birthday was last Friday, the 30th. It was still hard for me to get around last week so we had a helper, Mrs. Minor, for the children. Among some of her duties were getting breakfast, snack, and lunch for the kids; playing with them (getting them outside or out for walks); changing diapers; and some light-duty cleaning & laundry. It was awesome having her around so I had her take 4 of the kids to the Eagle's Nest for Molly's birthday in the morning. Here are some of the pics from their outing.

Later that day, Daddy took all the kids, except Jane!, to see Horton Hears a Who. They enjoyed getting out to see a movie. I enjoyed the quiet time while they were away!!
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