Saturday, May 24, 2008

What to Do...

at 4 o'clock in the morning? Why, take pictures of your new baby, of course! Jane's schedule is flip-flopped so she's up when I should be sleeping. So, this morning I did what any mother would do when her newborn child is finally awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed: I took some pictures. Paul was surprised that I dressed her, had the lights on, and was setting up for her photo shoot. We were able to get back to sleep. Besides, we're all pretty much on a different schedule.:)

Family Time

Tonight, I was feeling like I needed to do some bonding with the other kids. Gabe has been spending quality time at Grandpa Ben & Grandma Carol's house for the weekend. I decided to do a movie night in our bedroom with the four older kids while Paul was sporting our new "hotsling" to keep Jane occupied while he did banking, kitchen clean-up, and laundry. Go Daddy!

Here are a few cute pics!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Rose by Any Other Name...

I went home this afternoon. It was my wish to get back as soon as possible to recuperate in the comforts of my own home.:) What can I say...I like my sheets!

Here are a few pics of the girls as they picked me up from the hospital. Monica came up with the name Rose. After finishing her novena yesterday to St. Therese of Lisieux, she told Grandma Carol she was promised a rose as a result of her perseverence and answered prayers. She told Grandma maybe the baby should be named Rose since she was born on the same day she finished, in effect her "rose."

Paul & I decided that since she is our little gift from heaven, the Holy Spirit was probably speaking through Monica. So there you have it...our littlest Jane Marie Rose!

It's Time!

At around 6:30PM, Paul, Sarah and I had a pow-wow about our next steps in the labor process. I opted to get to the hospital and try the tub over there to get labor really going. Little did I know I was already in active labor. After a torcherous ride to the hospital in Paul's stick shift down the scenic route of Minneapolis!!, we arrived only to barely make it up to the 4th floor of the hospital.

As Paul parked the car, I stayed with Sarah and my bag of waters broke just after getting me into a birthing room. It wasn't long after, I was needing to push. About 45 minutes later, Baby Jane was born practically barreling out of my body.

So here she is! Little Miss Jane Marie Rose. She weighed 6 lbs. 9 oz. and measured 18 3/4 inches long. She is our tiniest baby and cute as a button.

Laboring at Home

Here are a few pics of Lucas getting his tools to "help get that baby out of Mom's tummy!"

It was a hard day of laboring at home. I stuck around until I felt intuitively ready to get to the hospital. Sarah, our birth doula, was here at home with us helping with contractions and managing the house full of kids.:) Everyone was super helpful getting Mommy crushed ice, rubbing her back and arms, and just giving hugs and kisses.

As Sarah said, "This is the best memory you can give your see Mommy's work and love to get these babies into the world."

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

No News...yet.

We're playing the waiting game today. After a rough night...I was up every hour going to the bathroom and having contractions...Paul decided to stay home and work from here. I'm definately staying in my "cave" today and trying to deal with the different waves of contractions that come through. I don't want to stop doing things, but Paul thought it best to just lie low for today. He took the older girls and boys to piano lessons this morning, and Molly and I are on house duty.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seatbelts are Fastened and Tray Tables are in their Upright Position!

Well, we may be well on our way to a new baby! Today I had a sudden change in the norm. I have been feeling a few strong contractions for a while now but that's pretty typical for me. However, I've never had any spotting with any of the other babies. I did today, though. I quickly called my clinic and spoke to a nurse who informed me it was nothing out of the ordinary just my mucus plug giving way and that I am definately headed on the right track. Phew!

I've been having a few strong contractions since then but nothing to get super-excited about. We met with our birth doula this evening for another prenatal and she's very laid back and confident everything will turn out fine. She's also pregnant...with twins and due in August!!

We'll keep everyone posted here. In the meantime the kids are so excited, I'm a little apprehensive (fear of the known), and Paul is cool as a cucumber.

Keep us in your prayers!!:)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Best

OK, so we're on weekly entry status around here. Things are plugging along and we're getting excited about BABY!!

I was so proud of the other kids getting ready for Mass this morning. They were up, breakfasted, and dressed in record time and managed to look sharp, as well. They are growing up so fast. I couldn't help it so I snapped a few pics before we left.:)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day 2008

I wanted to wish all my Mother friends and my own Mother a Happy Mother's Day! I lined up all the kids this afternoon and had them call their godmother's to wish them a nice day.

It was a very nice day for me, too! "Thank you" to all of you who sent cards or well wishes via the phone. I had a very relaxing day...I took a 3 hour nap!!:)

Here's a pic of me and the kids.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

More pics of the Party

Here are a few more pics. It was a great day. The kids all had fun playing the indoor games and playing with each other. It was a birthday success in spite of the weather.

Now I'll just put my feet up until my little egg is ready to hatch.:)

Birthday Party Update

We celebrated Gabe's 2nd and Molly's 5th birthdays today. This was Monica's (8) initiative. I remember way back after Easter her comments to me, "Mom, you won't have to do a thing. We'll plan all the games, and maybe you'll just have to make the cupcakes!"

Unfortunately, we got rained out!:( I was so sad for Monica because she worked so hard for today's party. She put together a 7-page proposal for the party and presented it to Daddy and me for approval! I couldn't believe how detailed she was regarding the games, the ages for the rides, tickets, food and concessions, prizes, and she titled it all, "The Mini State Fair."

So we opted for Plan B which in no way was jazzing Daddy. I made some frantic phone calls and booked a clown for this afternoon. "Smiley" showed up at about 3:15PM and proceeded to do face painting, balloon twisting, a few magic tricks and a lot of corny kid jokes. And, they loved it!!

We sent all the kiddies home with so much sugar the moms will probably be calling me on Monday (they'll spare me the lecture on Mother's Day tomorrow!!) complaining about all the hyperactivity. Oh, well!

Here are a few pics of our "Plan B" party.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday, Gabriel!

Here's a little slide show of the pics of Gabe's birthday yesterday. He turned 2 and I can hardly believe it!

We still call him, "Baby!" What will we do when there's another baby in our house in a month?!

Homeschool Shots

Daddy was home over the last couple of weeks during his trimester break for the Chiropractic college. He snapped these pics of the kids while we tried to get some school work done over his break.

I think he was proud that we actually try to do something while he's gone to work.:)
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