Saturday, March 29, 2008

Here's a Web Album of our Mission Trip

Below is a link to a picasa web album that was sent to us of our Mission Trip. We are under the family missions album. These are some great action shots of what our days were like!

Picasa Web Albums - Candy

Friday, March 28, 2008

We think More is Better!

I laughed as I walked into one of the rooms upstairs and saw the Barbie carriage fully loaded. It looks like our kind of ride! Monica asked for a Barbie carriage for Christmas and we found this one on Ebay. She wanted one that seats 4 Barbies but I think Santa figured, "Come on! You need to fit all your Barbie family in a carriage!"

This one seats 10 currently!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Here is a cute pic of Monica and Maria. They posed for me after lunch just outside of Chicago.

Chicago, Chicago

Here are a few pics of downtown Chicago. They were taken from the van while driving so....maybe not so good. Oh, well.

Hitting the Streets of Chicago...A little Differently!!

Well, with three girls how can you visit Chicago and not visit American Girl Place?!! So that's what we did yesterday before we left the city. The girls had a blast! I was impressed with how clean and organized everything was. The pricetags...well, it's only expected to leave a little money behind for the Illinois economy.:)

In any case, here are a few pics of our 1 shopping adventure. It was 32 degrees....BRRRRR!!

Easter Fun 2008

Our host family for our Chicago trip went above and beyond what we could have expected. They have ten amazing children! That's right! And they were able to accomodate us beautifully. We had a blast staying with them and had such a memorable Easter. Here are a few pics of Saturday night and Easter morning.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hitting the Streets Again

We hit the streets again today. Daddy went out in the morning and afternoon, but I only did one session. It was great to have sunnier weather but the wind was a little fierce and chilly.:(

Monica joined Daddy in the afternoon. He said she was a real trooper. Here are some of their lights and inspirations:

Monica: The videos (during the training sessions) inspired me about how much people need Christ. And I wish people knew the true meaning of Easter, Christmas and other holidays.

Maria: I liked visiting a lady from the parish. She had a statue of the Infant of Prague and she was nice. She made the meatballs at one of our dinners!

Molly: I liked the doorbells, knocking on doors, and watching Veggie Tales with the other kids.

Lucas: (Fell asleep in the van on the way no comment!)

Gabriel: Veggie Tales!

Daddy: There were a few people who were suspicious at first but warmed up. It gave them hope to see young people out going door-to-door asking for prayer intentions. Both young and old...they all saw hope. The children helped a lot to give that hope!
We have had a great time here. Today the children were treated to an indoor Easter egg hunt and even got baskets from the nun working at the parish! Our kids have had a blast with all the other children and have been so good about not complaining about discomforts or inconveniences. They truly inspire me!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Mission Update

Well, we've been hitting the streets for two days. Here are a few pics of our adventures. So what exactly do we do? Daddy and I usually go out in the morning & again in the afternoon. Yesterday, we went out in the morning with Monica and Maria. They were extremely enthusiastic and loved knocking on the doors. We ducked out in the afternoon to take naps in our van!

Today, we went out in the morning with Maria (Monica stayed behind to help with the little kids) and in the afternoon with two other young girls who wanted to be out in the falling snow. Yesterday we had gorgeous sunny weather, but today we were knocking on doors and getting snowed on.:(

We've been leaving Molly and Lucas behind at the parish to do kid's activities. Gabe went out with us in the stroller yesterday morning, but today we left him behind because of the weather.

As far as reception, we've had a lot of people who aren't home, others who do open their doors to talk to us, and quite a few who are members of the parish where we are working so they are warm and friendly. There's always the occassional grumpy person who doesn't want to be bothered, but for every one of those there are so many more receptive, smiling faces.

It's been a great way to live these days before Easter.

Here's a cute quip from Molly: "I'm not going to complain because I'm on a mission!"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Chicago or Bust!

Well, we headed out today for the Windy City! That's right. We are participating in a Family Mission. Here are a few pics of the kids on our way over and at the registration session. There was a Mass, but Gabe didn't make it all the way through.

Tomorrow, we hit the streets after a brief training session. We'll see how it goes!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Surrender Dorothy!

As I peeked outside my bedroom window before breakfast, I noticed this "snow writing" done by Monica and Maria. It seems they woke up early and stomped their feet in the snow by the side of the house printing their names.

I laughed and Daddy immediately reminded me of the sky-writing in the Wizard of Oz: "Surrender Dorothy!" I chuckled!
The writing is a bit hard to see because of the shadow. However, you can get the idea.:)

This is for Carmen!

I had Daddy take this pic of our hibiscus. I bought this last summer and had it outside, but I moved it indoors for fall and winter. This is the third time it's bloomed while indoors. However, this is the first time I've had multiple blooms at once! I love the color, and it makes me smile when I walk by it.

Someone else appreciated it a while back when she visited.:) I was sad that it was at the end of a bloom session when she was here.

This is for you, Carmen! Enjoy the flowers.:)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have too much time.

I'm just fooling around with the blog. I've been getting tired of the layout so I decided to float this one instead. Daddy doesn't really like it, but I like the change. I need to get a more recent pic of the kids. Now that I have a new digital camera I might be able to get a better one!:)

I'm also getting my mask and cape out for the next few days so I can do the single parent thing while Daddy is gone. You know "occassional travel" was not included in my job description. Why is that? And trips to the grocery store and getting my hair done don't count!

Monday, March 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

This is actually a fun little thing to do. I was tagged by Paul's cousin Matt's wife, Heather...try to figure that one out! Who doesn't like writing about themselves?:) So here are my 6 interesting facts about ME.

1. I'm the second oldest of 5 children. Paul is one of two. Therefore, we figured together we would shoot for having at least 7 children! So there you have it folks.
2. I have a double-jointed thumb on my left hand. I used to freak kids out in school. Now I freak out my own kids here at home.
3. I voluntarily decided to escape the rat race and save myself from "Hurried Woman Syndrome" and opted to homeschool our kids. And I actually love it!
4. I tried smoking in college during a semester in Europe and couldn't do it. I also tried to take up drinking coffee during the same semester and failed at that, too. Therefore, I'm technically un-cool since I don't smoke and never drink coffee.:(
5. Because I'm a Texan, I'm very possessive about personal property, off-roading on the freeway is always an option in super-congested traffic, and a matching bag with either shoes or my coat is always a must.
6. I love to read so much so that I can get headaches and blurred vision from the obsession. Problem is I don't have a lot of time to do this so I read everything whenever I can very quickly like instructions, labels, fine print, kid's books, billboards, bumper stickers, things on walls in offices, etc., etc.
1-Link to the person who tagged you. ( This is Heather!
2-Post the rules. (right here)
3-Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself (see above)
4-Tag at least 3 people: I only know 2 other people personally that have blogs and one of them tagged me (Heather) so I'm exempt from this rule. Or at least I'm making myself exempt from this one.:)
5- Make sure the people you tagged KNOW that you tagged them. ( I don't have to do this one either.:)

Friday, March 7, 2008

Good Book

I currently read a great book that I came across while searching Amazon for another book that was recommended to me. The Three-Martini Playdate by Christie Mellor is a fresh approach to parenting books for today. I loved her witty humor and great ideas. I have so many fears at different stages regarding parenting and she helped to dispel a lot of those fears in a very non-judgemental way.

Here's a quote from the back cover:
Beginning with the surprising benefits of saying no to your child, Christie Mellor offers refreshing, wickedly funny, and actually quite useful advice. With recipes, opinions, hepful hints, and illustrations, this high-spirited book celebrates a better more relaxed attitude toward raising your child.

My favorite recipe (of course): Our Little Tot's First Martini Recipe
My favorite chapter (of course): Child Labor: Not Just for the Third World
My favorite tip for childhood boredom (myth dispelled!!):'s leads to a little known thing called "imagination."


Next Household Tip

OK, here's the other one. This one's for the microwave. I tried it tonight and it worked well. I'm actually too short to be scrubbing the microwave which is above the wall oven and with my tummy it's almost impossible to labor too long over this chore.

The tip: To get rid of smells and splatters, mix 1/4 c. vinegar with 1 cup water in a glass bowl and microwave for 5 minutes.

All I did after this was wipe down with a dry paper towel. I actually did take the plate out to wash in the sink.

The result: therapeutic bliss!!:)

Household Tip

Daddy started receiving Family Circle magazine at work. He figures someone thinks he has an office so he started getting monthly copies. He brings them home to me so I peruse them in my free time...whenever that is. Interestingly, I found a solution to a very perplexing to get rid of carpet dents!

That's right. With the new carpet we had installed a year ago, we would get horrible carpet dents from our furniture in the family room. I seem to be constantly rearranging the furniture trying to find the right "feng shui" for our home...ok, it's just a ME thing. Anyway, Daddy hasn't been happy with the unsightly carpet dents and forbid me from moving anything else. So here's the tip:

Place an ice cube in the depression and let it melt; the fibers will absorb the water and expand. Later you can blot the excess moisture and vacuum the carpet to even out the fibers.

Cool, huh! Now I can move furniture to my heart's content.:)

What's Up With Us?

It's actually been me. Very little energy, a cold (which I thought was the flu), children with colds, cold's all been piling up on me, psychologically. Enough so that I haven't really wanted to stay up to blog at all. However, I have had a few things on my mind that I wanted to get out to the general public.:)

Hope everyone is doing well. Here are a few brief notes on each of the kids plus Daddy. The next couple of entries are some household tips that I feel compelled to share. Enjoy!!

Gabe: Repeating every word and his new one-liner, "I dunno."
Lucas: Being such a good helper except for when he's terrorizing Gabe.
Molly: Getting along better with Maria when they play with dolls.
Maria: Zipping through Math and mastering unloading the dishwasher in record time.
Monica: Getting her schoolwork done in record time daily and reading like a fiend.
Daddy: Gearing up for a conference in DC next weekend. That's right...he'll be gone for 5 days!!! AAAGGGGHHHH!

And here's a cute pic of me and the baby!
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