Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Been Quiet Around Here

We've really been hunkering down with school lately; thus, the reason for the lack of blog entries. Things are very slow with the weather waning as it has been. We did get out for piano lessons on Wednesday, but Lucas also came down with a temp. that day. Thankfully, he seems to be the only one that might get whatever bug he had. He was in boosted spirits again today after lunchtime. I've been napping as usual in the afternoons and really having a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions. Nothing out of the ordinary for me...they usually start pretty early on.:(

In any event, there's not been much to report. Here are a few of the most recent quips:

Monica: Now, can we go down and watch Cyberchase?
Maria: Mom, I have a really great idea. (After I catch her stealing toilet paper rolls out of the trashcan.)
Molly: It was Lucas!
Lucas: It was Molly!
Gabe: Watch a movie. (After asking which movie he would like to watch...he enunciates perfectly...) Ratatouille.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Beautiful Day

We had a great outing today to visit the Mill City Museum in downtown Minneapolis. The weather was pretty warm so we decided to get out. We took in the free event which was a Reading and Book spree sponsored by Macy's and Barnes and Noble. The kids had a great time watching movies, talking to a children's author and illustrator, taking a tour of the mill, and playing with all the interactive things in the baking center and water room. The mill used to be one of the largest in the country and the world for producing Gold Medal Flour. Now a non-operational building, it only houses the museum in the newly renovated loft district of downtown. It's pretty trendy, but we won't hold that against them!;)

Here are some pics of the day.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Nice Break in the Weather!

After several days of single digit weather, today is a nice break. It's currently 24 degrees and may get up to 30. Of course, that doesn't sound warm to anyone else in the country, but after the weather we've had, we all feel like putting our shorts on and running around the block in the sunshine!

More later...who knows what antics we'll get into with this kind of weather!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mas "Foccee"

We've taught Gabe to say "mas" instead of "more" just for kicks. It was cute to hear him tell Daddy today, "Mas, foccee!" after he had one sip of his coffee.

I'm sure he'll figure out the pronunciation sooner or later.

Our little visitor

I was so surprised this afternoon when a fox came prancing through the backyard. I still don't know if he crawled under the fence or if there's a hole where he got in. Here are pics of our neighborhood fox. A neighbor has told me about this fox who lives close to their home near the pond (this is across the street from us). I've never seen it until today. The kids, of course, wanted to feed it, catch it, and keep it. We should be calling animal control, but we opted not to after he stayed for almost 3 hours and finally curled up in a ball in the snow watching us eat our dinner!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blog Help!

I've noticed that no matter what I try I can't get our family photo centered in the side bar. It also keeps cutting off part of the picture. Notice how Lucas is getting cut off! Does anyone know how to fix this?

Just wondering.:) I'm, of course, not as computer-savvy as I'd like to be. Thanks!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Grandpa Ben's 80th Birtday Bash

This weekend, we hosted Grandpa Ben's 80th birthday party at our home. Although, Grandpa Ben's birthday was back in January, this was a better weekend to get together. Uncle Mark from Phoenix joined us for the party. His visit along with several cousins and one of Grandpa Ben's brothers and a brother-in-law, made up the bulk of our weekend. Instead of a pre-game party, we enjoyed a fun afternoon visiting, eating and enjoying each other's company. We also had a great visit from a friend that came up from Virginia who even pulled her weight in the preparation. Thanks, Carmen!

Here are a few pics of the party.
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