Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Quick Month of June

We just finished off a whirlwind month. June is a bit of a blur because of all the activity:

1) Monica's week-long camp

2) Auntie Nora's visit the week after camp

3) Jane's Baptism

4) Uncle Mark and Miss Carmen's visit out here from AZ and VA, respectively

5) A two week tennis clinic for the older girls

6) Monica beginning Theater in the Park

7) Soccer camp starting for Molly and Lucas

AAAAGGGGHHHH!!! It's been very busy. I'll be uploading pictures of the various things we've been doing. For now, just an explanation is all I can give. I've been so delinquent in blogging that I'm extremely backed up on photos not too mention other things as well.:) Blogging soon!!!

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