Thursday, June 12, 2008

Oh, The Chaos and the Fun!

It's been quite a week. Monday we drove 2 hours south of the cities to drop Monica off at camp. She went down with a couple other girls and has been fine so far. We actually leave tomorrow to pick her up and spend an overnight in New Ulm. It should be fun for all the kids.

Aside from that, I developed mastitis Monday night after we arrived home. It slowly progressed all day Tuesday resulting in my needing an antibiotic and lots of rest...yeah right!

I was startled Wednesday morning after a night of fever and chills with a crew of workmen who were installing the windows upstairs. I had forgotten that the job was scheduled for yesterday and today...gee, I wonder why I forgot!! Anyway, the windows look great and give the house a very updated look...score!

Last Friday was our official last day of school. Hooray! For our end of the year field trip I took the kids to the Bell Museum of Natural History at the Univ. of Minnesota. It's a smaller museum and we picked up free passes at the library.:) Here are pics of the kids in the Touch and See Room (they touched cockroaches, a millipede, and several bones and furs....ew, ew, and double ew!) and in front of the museum.

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