Saturday, May 24, 2008

What to Do...

at 4 o'clock in the morning? Why, take pictures of your new baby, of course! Jane's schedule is flip-flopped so she's up when I should be sleeping. So, this morning I did what any mother would do when her newborn child is finally awake, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed: I took some pictures. Paul was surprised that I dressed her, had the lights on, and was setting up for her photo shoot. We were able to get back to sleep. Besides, we're all pretty much on a different schedule.:)


  1. Wow, she sure is awake! Nothing like a little bonding time/photoshoot in the middle of the night. Wow, you and Paul just make parenting look so easy Grace!
    Congratulations!!! I'm glad I popped in to see if the baby arrived. :) Welcome little Jane Marie Rose!
    I like the new blog name too. :)
    Hey, if you need any photography tips, just let me know. :)

  2. Hey, Heather!

    Glad to hear your back from your trip. I checked your blog and it sounded like fun...that was funny about the airport!!

    Photography tips...where should I begin! Paul just laughed and agreed that we could probably start with a decent camera, lenses, an eye for beautiful things. Well, we have plenty of beautiful things around us, but talent would also be required. You're sweet to offer.:)

    I'd like to glean from you anything you're willing to offer. I've always been fond of photography & you're very good at what you do!:) We all love your blog!

  3. Ha, thanks! I took some baby part pictures of the kids with my old cybershot camera (the one with a 3 second delay from when you press the button until it takes the picture).

    First thing. Dark backgrounds seem to be easier to work with than light, but try both. I've been just using a black blanket for my black backgrounds (dog, maternity, baby). And bought a yard of fabric for the fuzzy cream colored background for the latest baby ones.

    2nd. If you have a beanbag chair or a really large pillow (that can be washed), try that. Be sure to lay down something water proof on top of the pillow. Then put your fabric/blanket on top. You may need to prop up one end more than the other so the baby's head is slightly elevated.

    3rd. Naked shots are great for newborns (just have to make sure it's toasty warm and they're fed and passed out asleep). The first 10 days of life are easiest to do these since they're so sleepy you can sculpt them and post them. :)

    4. Just be sure to keep the private parts covered either with a leg crossed over or a blanket pulled up or something.

    5. Face her toward the light...if you set up next to a sliding glass window or a big window, turn her so her face is looking toward the light. And ususally it's best to make sure she's not in a direct ray of light... just pull her set up away from the window until she's not in any direct light.

    Well, that's my new newborn set up anyway... still working on it.

    Good luck and let me know if I can offer any other advice. You already have great pics too and your so good about posting them.

    And an easy thing to do is to take close ups of all her different parts...ear, foot, hand, butt... :) and make a collage.

    Heading out to Disneylad for Jack's bday tomorrow. TAlk to you later!!


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