Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Seatbelts are Fastened and Tray Tables are in their Upright Position!

Well, we may be well on our way to a new baby! Today I had a sudden change in the norm. I have been feeling a few strong contractions for a while now but that's pretty typical for me. However, I've never had any spotting with any of the other babies. I did today, though. I quickly called my clinic and spoke to a nurse who informed me it was nothing out of the ordinary just my mucus plug giving way and that I am definately headed on the right track. Phew!

I've been having a few strong contractions since then but nothing to get super-excited about. We met with our birth doula this evening for another prenatal and she's very laid back and confident everything will turn out fine. She's also pregnant...with twins and due in August!!

We'll keep everyone posted here. In the meantime the kids are so excited, I'm a little apprehensive (fear of the known), and Paul is cool as a cucumber.

Keep us in your prayers!!:)

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