Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day 2008

I wanted to wish all my Mother friends and my own Mother a Happy Mother's Day! I lined up all the kids this afternoon and had them call their godmother's to wish them a nice day.

It was a very nice day for me, too! "Thank you" to all of you who sent cards or well wishes via the phone. I had a very relaxing day...I took a 3 hour nap!!:)

Here's a pic of me and the kids.


  1. You look great Grace! I wouldn't ever guess you've only got a couple weeks to go. Hey, I'm heading out to your neck of the woods... visiting a good friend in Ohio who just had a baby.
    Happy to hear you had a wonderful mother's day!

  2. Thanks, Heather! Have a good time in Ohio. Shoot, you'll be so close to us and, yet, still far away.:(

    I hope your Mother's Day was a hit...I'm sure it was.:)

  3. So close, yet so far...
    I hear you. I'm just amazing I'm actually leaving the kids for a few days by myself. I've only taken 1 other trip away from them without Matt... just an overnight to San Jose for a wedding. Thank goodness for Grandma Dee and Grandpa John!

  4. It's hard to make those decisions. Isn't it? It's nice to have the grandparents close by and able to handle the little ones. Enjoy your time away! I'm sure you'll go back refreshed and eager to see them all once you arrive back in CA.:)


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