Saturday, May 10, 2008

Birthday Party Update

We celebrated Gabe's 2nd and Molly's 5th birthdays today. This was Monica's (8) initiative. I remember way back after Easter her comments to me, "Mom, you won't have to do a thing. We'll plan all the games, and maybe you'll just have to make the cupcakes!"

Unfortunately, we got rained out!:( I was so sad for Monica because she worked so hard for today's party. She put together a 7-page proposal for the party and presented it to Daddy and me for approval! I couldn't believe how detailed she was regarding the games, the ages for the rides, tickets, food and concessions, prizes, and she titled it all, "The Mini State Fair."

So we opted for Plan B which in no way was jazzing Daddy. I made some frantic phone calls and booked a clown for this afternoon. "Smiley" showed up at about 3:15PM and proceeded to do face painting, balloon twisting, a few magic tricks and a lot of corny kid jokes. And, they loved it!!

We sent all the kiddies home with so much sugar the moms will probably be calling me on Monday (they'll spare me the lecture on Mother's Day tomorrow!!) complaining about all the hyperactivity. Oh, well!

Here are a few pics of our "Plan B" party.


  1. Great pics. I'm glad the clown worked out. Give my congrats to Monica for her efforts & don't worry...there are plenty more bdays to come :)

  2. That's hilarous about the 7 page proposal... I had to read your post outloud to Matt. ;) Bummer about the rain, but looks like everyone had fun!

    Whew, the home stetch. Keep us updated!

  3. Hey, Heather!

    Glad you both got a kick out of that.:) Yes, I have about 3 weeks. It's been a roller coaster ride trying to get our birth plan together. We have a few more people to interview yet...I'm looking for a good post-partum doula to help after the birth and a new doula to help with the delivery. I was trying for a home-birth, but our insurance wouldn't go for it.:( In any case, things are just now coming together.

    Happy Mother's Day, BTW. Enjoy the day!

  4. Hi, Nora:

    Expect a phone call today for "Godmother's Day!!"


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