Monday, April 14, 2008

Where Have We Been?

Thanks to Heather for bringing us back from the land of the Insanely Busy!! I haven't blogged in almost two weeks and I'm not sure where the time's gone. Actually, we've been in crunch-mode since the birth of the baby is right around the corner. I'm at 34 weeks and feeling every bit of this child taking over my body. It's getting harder to stand for long periods of time and walk around...not to mention sleeping, eating, sitting, and getting up from these positions!!

In any case, we celebrated Easter and the end of our Winter Campaign (see the pic of the blue sticker chart) by going to the Shoreview Tropics Indoor Water Park. The kids loved it and had a blast enjoying the warm water, slides, and not crowded at all Tuesday evening outing!! I, of course, forgot my camera (pregnant brain syndrome)!:(

I've also been in a terrible nesting frenzy. I've gone through every closet in the house reorganizing everything! I got rid of our old plates and bought two new sets of matching dishes just to spruce up the kitchen/dining experience. I've had Paul running all over the Twin Cities chasing Craig's List finds. He's also in hot pursuit of finding the best deal on an HDwhatever TV to replace our electronic dinosaurs. We almost remodeled the breakfast nook, the downstairs, the laundry room, and bumped out the house over the garage. Thank God we slapped ourselves before attempting any of those crazy projects just 6 weeks before the baby's due!!

We, of course, have serious Spring and New Baby Fever so it's no wonder we haven't been blogging but itching to do yet one more thing before D-Day arrives!!

Here's a pic of the current Spring campaign.


  1. Yowsa, you've got alot going on!

  2. You remodeled?! Added a room?! What? I don't know how you get it all done, especially with your whole crew under foot. Amazing. So glad to hear everythings going great though. I really need to start cleaning out my closets...ugh.
    Do you know what you're having or will it be a surprise?

  3. Hi, Heather and Nora:

    Thanks for the comments. Yes, we've had a bit going on.

    Heather: We are technically (according to my ultrasound) having a girl. We'll see when the little tike arrives what the gender really is. I've heard some say they were wrong and so surprised at the birth. However, the tech I've used at the clinic was right about both boys. We'll see.:)


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