Friday, March 7, 2008

What's Up With Us?

It's actually been me. Very little energy, a cold (which I thought was the flu), children with colds, cold's all been piling up on me, psychologically. Enough so that I haven't really wanted to stay up to blog at all. However, I have had a few things on my mind that I wanted to get out to the general public.:)

Hope everyone is doing well. Here are a few brief notes on each of the kids plus Daddy. The next couple of entries are some household tips that I feel compelled to share. Enjoy!!

Gabe: Repeating every word and his new one-liner, "I dunno."
Lucas: Being such a good helper except for when he's terrorizing Gabe.
Molly: Getting along better with Maria when they play with dolls.
Maria: Zipping through Math and mastering unloading the dishwasher in record time.
Monica: Getting her schoolwork done in record time daily and reading like a fiend.
Daddy: Gearing up for a conference in DC next weekend. That's right...he'll be gone for 5 days!!! AAAGGGGHHHH!

And here's a cute pic of me and the baby!

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