Monday, March 10, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

This is actually a fun little thing to do. I was tagged by Paul's cousin Matt's wife, Heather...try to figure that one out! Who doesn't like writing about themselves?:) So here are my 6 interesting facts about ME.

1. I'm the second oldest of 5 children. Paul is one of two. Therefore, we figured together we would shoot for having at least 7 children! So there you have it folks.
2. I have a double-jointed thumb on my left hand. I used to freak kids out in school. Now I freak out my own kids here at home.
3. I voluntarily decided to escape the rat race and save myself from "Hurried Woman Syndrome" and opted to homeschool our kids. And I actually love it!
4. I tried smoking in college during a semester in Europe and couldn't do it. I also tried to take up drinking coffee during the same semester and failed at that, too. Therefore, I'm technically un-cool since I don't smoke and never drink coffee.:(
5. Because I'm a Texan, I'm very possessive about personal property, off-roading on the freeway is always an option in super-congested traffic, and a matching bag with either shoes or my coat is always a must.
6. I love to read so much so that I can get headaches and blurred vision from the obsession. Problem is I don't have a lot of time to do this so I read everything whenever I can very quickly like instructions, labels, fine print, kid's books, billboards, bumper stickers, things on walls in offices, etc., etc.
1-Link to the person who tagged you. ( This is Heather!
2-Post the rules. (right here)
3-Share six non-important things / habits / quirks about yourself (see above)
4-Tag at least 3 people: I only know 2 other people personally that have blogs and one of them tagged me (Heather) so I'm exempt from this rule. Or at least I'm making myself exempt from this one.:)
5- Make sure the people you tagged KNOW that you tagged them. ( I don't have to do this one either.:)

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  1. Hi Grace! It was fun learning some new things about you. And I'm impressed you found your six things, took pictures and uploaded them all in one day. It only took me about 2 weeks to post my answers. :) Maybe I'll post a pic of my weird thumb trick one of these days. ;)
    Woah, 7 kids?! And no coffee?! I think Paul found himself Super-mom!


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