Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have too much time.

I'm just fooling around with the blog. I've been getting tired of the layout so I decided to float this one instead. Daddy doesn't really like it, but I like the change. I need to get a more recent pic of the kids. Now that I have a new digital camera I might be able to get a better one!:)

I'm also getting my mask and cape out for the next few days so I can do the single parent thing while Daddy is gone. You know "occassional travel" was not included in my job description. Why is that? And trips to the grocery store and getting my hair done don't count!


  1. Followed your comment from Scary West's blog. There's plenty of sources online that have tips to changing your blog template.

    Create a test blog and experiment with the templates there, that's how I learned. When your comfortable with it's design, then add it to your main blog.

    Hope this helped.


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