Friday, March 7, 2008

Household Tip

Daddy started receiving Family Circle magazine at work. He figures someone thinks he has an office so he started getting monthly copies. He brings them home to me so I peruse them in my free time...whenever that is. Interestingly, I found a solution to a very perplexing to get rid of carpet dents!

That's right. With the new carpet we had installed a year ago, we would get horrible carpet dents from our furniture in the family room. I seem to be constantly rearranging the furniture trying to find the right "feng shui" for our home...ok, it's just a ME thing. Anyway, Daddy hasn't been happy with the unsightly carpet dents and forbid me from moving anything else. So here's the tip:

Place an ice cube in the depression and let it melt; the fibers will absorb the water and expand. Later you can blot the excess moisture and vacuum the carpet to even out the fibers.

Cool, huh! Now I can move furniture to my heart's content.:)

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