Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hitting the Streets Again

We hit the streets again today. Daddy went out in the morning and afternoon, but I only did one session. It was great to have sunnier weather but the wind was a little fierce and chilly.:(

Monica joined Daddy in the afternoon. He said she was a real trooper. Here are some of their lights and inspirations:

Monica: The videos (during the training sessions) inspired me about how much people need Christ. And I wish people knew the true meaning of Easter, Christmas and other holidays.

Maria: I liked visiting a lady from the parish. She had a statue of the Infant of Prague and she was nice. She made the meatballs at one of our dinners!

Molly: I liked the doorbells, knocking on doors, and watching Veggie Tales with the other kids.

Lucas: (Fell asleep in the van on the way no comment!)

Gabriel: Veggie Tales!

Daddy: There were a few people who were suspicious at first but warmed up. It gave them hope to see young people out going door-to-door asking for prayer intentions. Both young and old...they all saw hope. The children helped a lot to give that hope!
We have had a great time here. Today the children were treated to an indoor Easter egg hunt and even got baskets from the nun working at the parish! Our kids have had a blast with all the other children and have been so good about not complaining about discomforts or inconveniences. They truly inspire me!

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