Friday, March 7, 2008

Good Book

I currently read a great book that I came across while searching Amazon for another book that was recommended to me. The Three-Martini Playdate by Christie Mellor is a fresh approach to parenting books for today. I loved her witty humor and great ideas. I have so many fears at different stages regarding parenting and she helped to dispel a lot of those fears in a very non-judgemental way.

Here's a quote from the back cover:
Beginning with the surprising benefits of saying no to your child, Christie Mellor offers refreshing, wickedly funny, and actually quite useful advice. With recipes, opinions, hepful hints, and illustrations, this high-spirited book celebrates a better more relaxed attitude toward raising your child.

My favorite recipe (of course): Our Little Tot's First Martini Recipe
My favorite chapter (of course): Child Labor: Not Just for the Third World
My favorite tip for childhood boredom (myth dispelled!!):'s leads to a little known thing called "imagination."


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  1. If you enjoyed will love my friend Stefanie's book "Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay". She just posted a chapter from her new book called "Naptime is the New Happy Hour" on her blog (

    BTW, I found your blog from my friend Heather who tagged you. I was the original tagger!

    Check out Stefanie's book / will LOVE IT.


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