Tuesday, November 27, 2007

It's Cold!

The temp is 10 degrees outside! I took the kids out for 15 minutes to put up a few Christmas lights....crazy aren't we. Please, don't e-mail me in the comments section about how warm you all may be. We don't want to know. Hence, Mr. Potato Head is giving you all a big tongue sticking out! Glaring eyes didn't come with this set.:(

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Going, Going, Gone!

I love these pics of Maria downing her pumpkin pie in her costume.

The Second Thanksgiving Play

Molly and Lucas wanted to get in on the fun so they also came up with a play to perform after Thanksgiving lunch. They chose to do a play about Jay Jay the Jet Plane and his side-kick, Tracy. Only thing was Molly came to me that morning and said, "Mom, quick you have to sew our airplane costumes!"

Yeah right...after I stayed up until 12:30AM hemming with Paul hemming, too, just to be done for Thanksiving afternoon....not gonna happen!!

I think they were cute to get up in front of everyone and ham it up.:)

Finally! Thanksgiving Pics...

I've been pretty much on vacation for the last couple of weeks. For the first of those weeks, busy as usual. For the second of those weeks, enjoying my sister's visit and busy sewing up a storm. I actually had two machines going...one threaded with black thread and the other threaded with white. I'm glad the pilgrims were simple and not too complicated with color!!

Here are a few pics of our feast and a few of the infamous play, "The Pilgrims," in three acts: on the ship, on land, and the starving time.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Project

Again, I've been roped into another project. The girls are very excited about Thanksgiving and have decided to do a play about the Pilgrims. Of course, they need costumes so I have taken on the task of making the outfits. The dresses seem simple enough. The bonnets on the other hand look a little complicated. Has that ever stopped me? Well, no. I like the sewing challenge. And, of course, I have the words of my mother echoing in the backgroung, "If you can read, you can sew!"

Thanks, Mom!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dire Straits

Maria is currently finding herself in a predicament. She has one cent left in her piggy bank! With Christmas nearing and her birthday shortly thereafter, there is fear that she won't have enough money to buy the new American Girl outfit she wants for her doll. Why doesn't she just ask the jolly old elf for this? Well, doubts have been cast on his existence so she and Monica feel they have to fend for themselves. Their thoughts, "If you can't make Christmas for yourself, don't count on Santa!"

Maria resorted to having a garage sale in her room. She gathered up all her most prized worldly treasures and put them up for sale to her siblings. Molly and Lucas both came to me to please get their piggy banks down from the shelf so they could shop at the garage sale. Among the items were her summer sandals, an extensive rock collection, and three dress-up dresses. Here are a few pics.

Our kudos went to loving big sister, Monica, who spent nine dollars at the sale four of which went not for goods, but for the following:

$1 for wonderful setup and display of items

$1 for cleanliness

$1 for good quality items (debateable)

$1 for effort and initiative

Daddy and I love the sign she posted on the railing wooing customers to her "grog sale!" We should probably mention to Maria that in the future a liquor license will have to be applied for in order to have this kind of sale in her room!

Monday, November 5, 2007

It's Been a While

But we're back for now. Last week, we were hit with a violent stomach virus that went one by one through each kid. I'm glad I only got the bug mildly and Daddy was unaffected. He played nurse-maid most of the weekend.:) I told him he wasn't allowed to get sick this time. If he even felt a tinge of the queasies, I told him to get moving and get back to work. Having him and me down at the same time would have been disastrous.

This, of course, is one of the down sides of having a group of children all close in age. Chicken pox would run similarly through our house. Thankfully, Daddy and I have both had chicken pox. We don't vaccinate the kids...we think it's one of those childhood illnesses that builds character! Wicked aren't we!
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