Friday, September 28, 2007

I Wear My Sunglasses At Night

I just had to snap a pic of Molly this afternoon sporting her little pink headband as eyewear. I had a flashback to the movie Sixteen Candles. If any of you remember the scene of the dance in the gym with the nerds lined up against a wall, here's another pic of one of Anthony Michael Hall's friends in the film! Now I'm really dating myself.

Imaginative Play

I'm sitting at the kitchen table eating my lunch while the kids are out back playing. It's fun to hear them! They typically speak with British accents (they are heavily influenced by the following movies: Sense & Sensibility, The Sound of Music & The Railway Children) and pretend they are orphans.

Today's theme: they have been abandoned so Monica is preparing a fish dinner for the younger children while Maria is washing clothes in a pretend stream.

I never know quite what time period they are in but one day I should surprise them with a Victorian era costume rental of a rich aristocrat or a scullery maid. I'm not sure which would be more exciting.

Danger, Danger, Will Robinson!

8:45AM: I step out of the shower to shouts and wails in the hallway only to see that a snow globe was propelled by Gabey only to shatter (glass, water & glitter) all over the carpet and hardwood floor in Molly and Lucas' entryway to their room!

12:30PM: As Lucas watches for Grandma from a recliner near our front windows, he decides to put the venetian blind cords around his neck like a noose. Nursing the baby, I decide to reach back and take him down from the recliner so he can get his shoes on. I notice that he isn't coming down and realize that he is hanging from the cords!! I've never been so scared in my life! He was fine except for some horrible cord burns around his neck...awful feeling to say the least.

3:00PM: Lucas has a head on collision with another little boy at his preschool program which results in a throbbing bump on the side of his head. Oh, there were tears!

I don't know what it is with boys, but all I can say is, "UNCLE!!"

I considered purchasing The Dangerous Book for Boys but I'm now rethinking this!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Madeline Island 2007 Fall Trip

So we're back from a weekend filled with camping adventures. It was rough, but very fun and we have the pics to prove it! The kids and we parents had a great time. It was great to get away and see another beautiful view of the upper Midwest. We drove up on Friday afternoon/evening and made it just in time to take the 11PM ferry from Bayfield over to La Pointe, WI. It was rocky setting up our camper and bedding down for the night but we managed to get everyone down by 1AM.:( A little frustrating, but worth it in the end!

Here are a few of the funny comments along the way:

Monica: That's the healthiest snack anyone's ever given us. (Commenting on the carrots and grapes Cousin Morris gave them out of his garden.)
Maria: I miss Madeline Island already (on the drive today up to Duluth).
Molly: Ride over! (As we came down from the 535 bridge across the St. Louis river from Superior to Duluth)
Lucas: We want our money back. (After we refused to play any more Nursery Rhymes on the tape deck.)
Gabey: Nana! (He ate a lot of bananas this weekend.)

To say the least it was an awesome trip. I tried to upload our photo album so I could get all the photos out to everyone quickly. I hope it works!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Again, I forgot my camera!

I felt like a real loser last night and again today. Molly started a community ballet class and looked so cute in her ballet outfit. She is a very enthusiastic little girl and had a great time telling her instructor that she is not shy!

Today, Molly & Lucas began a little preschool program in Minneapolis called The Catechesis of the Good Shepherd. It was so cute to watch them (secretly) play in the "atrium." I wished I would have taken my camera. But I didn't so I'll have to remember it for next week.

School's going pretty good so far. We are working ourselves into a groove with our schedule and the discipline necessary to get the work done. We're all learning a lot and not just about History, Math, and Latin. I think we're learning how to live and work well with each other. These are definately some good life lessons.

Monday, September 17, 2007

First School Board Meeting

Our school board consists of one: ME! I make the motions, second them, and vote (usually, for whatever I think should happen school-wise). So, Daddy, had his Science class cut for the week due to scheduling conflicts and, of course, said the following in true disgruntled faculty style:

"Again, Science gets the axe!"

Saturday, September 15, 2007

You Asked For It!

I'm finally posting a pic of myself. I actually went out this evening and met a friend (another homeschooling mom in the area) for coffee. It was nice to get out and speak to another adult female for a change! Since I put on make-up, I thought why waste the opportunity. It's been a pretty amazing last few months with my new food plan, seeing a nutritionist, and rediscovering the wonders of the human body. I don't ever remember being the weight I am right now. More than that, I'm really enjoying life with a renewed sense of energy and vigor. One thing I've never been able to say before, "I skinned my elbow going down a tube slide with Lucas!" Now that's a miracle.

What a Week

OK, second week of school done! It's actually been pretty fun and laid back this week. We all enjoyed the climate's getting colder, a Thursday outing, and a little play this evening. We've been studying about the Netherlands and Scotland in History to go along with our study of the late 1500's. The girls learned about Mary Queen of Scots on Wednesday and yesterday we went to a fabric store to select plaids in order to make tartan sashes. We tried to research each tartan and found that Maria's came from the Stewart clan. We could not find Monica's. Today, Monica sewed the sashes (all straight stitching so it was pretty easy for her to do alone) with a little assistance from me with the ironing and finishing hems. Molly joined the older girls in a play this evening re-enacting the life of Mary Queen of Scots. Here are some of the pics. My favorite parts were Molly wearing a play sword as both Scottish and English soldiers and Maria holding up Mary's head (she used a teapot instead)!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hey, we're back!

Well, after a rocky yet fun start last week, we began our homeschooling year. I have a few pics I took today and one (the kids are having lunch) from the first day of school. This week is less stressful and hurried now that I know where the kids are at in what they can handle in a day. I truly am loving this experience. And it looks like they are, too!!

Food Revelations

On Sunday, I whipped up blueberry waffle french toast (try to figure that one out!!) for brunch. I used a giant sized electric griddle that we purchased a couple years ago for the first time. I was amazed! I told Daddy, "I feel like I've never lived now that I'm using this thing!" He was so happy that I'm finding out the feeding capacity of our family. I'm just glad these things are available.

Another revelation I had at lunch today (as I thought 1 box of Mac 'n Cheese just never is enough, but I don't really want to make 2) was that a regular box is 7.25 oz. Now I feel better knowing that I'm just making approximately 1 lb. of pasta. Now why didn't I see this before?

Sunday, September 2, 2007

One of my favorite things

...Lucas' deep, large, brown eyes with his long, black eyelashes when he looks up at me in wonder as I ask him a question.

They remind me of the eyes of a Teddy Bear, large chocolate chips, or deep pools of coffee. It's no wonder I like to snuggle with him almost nibbling at his ears.

Requiring everything I have

I haven't been very inspired to blog at all this week. I've been busy organizing, moving stuff around, gathering up supplies, and stressing a little bit about "officially" starting our homeschool next Tuesday. Today I sat in a slump wondering how to make a book that I started reading to the kids more interesting. I want them to enjoy it, and I wasn't sure how to do it. I quickly thought of Jim Weiss, a professional storyteller, who sells his sound recordings of classical stories for young and old. And then I thought, "If I could just be a storyteller" when I was transported back to second grade.

Back in Texas, I grew up doing fairly well in school and for those of us students who weren't being challenged enough, we were encouraged to participate in U.I.L. (University Interscholastic League) competitions put together by University of Texas at Austin. All the schools in the state would receive criteria and study materials for competition in several different areas from grades 2-12. In second grade, I started participating in Storytelling. I was read a story, left in a room with other students for about 15 minutes, and then we were called out one by one to retell the story as descriptively as we could in front of an audience and judges. We were judged on projection, enunciation, creativity, and our accurate retelling of the story. I actually wasn't competing in second grade, but I trained and took a ribbon in third grade.

I loved participating in U.I.L. I learned a lot every year I participated. What we were exposed to was amazing...I didn't know it at the time, but it was. We learned poetry and prose interpretation in third, fourth & fifth grades; spelling, science & mental math in middle school, picture memory (very cool...we had to memorize famous works of art, the artists, year of production, and the country of origin) in fourth; and then typing, literary criticism, and one act play in high school. It was truly an enriching experience.

As I sat thinking, I thought, "This is going to take everything I can recall, all I can muster, and it still won't be enough. God alone can see us through this next adventure." I know what I have received was for a reason. Now it's time to give it all I can knowing that my best efforts will be blessed. We may not feel successful at homeschooling, but we will probably have fun learning and re-learning together.

No one is ever really qualified; they're only willing to take up the challenge.
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