Monday, July 30, 2007

Lago de Tortuga

Ok, so we went to Turtle Lake this afternoon. But Daddy loves calling Turtle Lake by its Spanish equivalent.:) And, of course, he likes to say it with a Mexican accent similar to the Spanish Pronunciation sketch on SNL. Some of you will remember that!!

Here are a couple pics I shot of dirty, sandy Molly & all-smiles Lucas.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

What a Cutie!

Today was a special day for our little Gabe. He had his first haircut this morning. He are the pics of our handsome little sweetie! I'm so sad he looks so much older now.

Girls' Night Out

Last night, I took the girls (Monica, Maria & Molly) to St. Anthony Community Theater's production of The Fiddler on the Roof. We have the DVD, and the kids love watching this when they're tired of watching The Sound of Music, Cars, or The Incredibles. It was a wonderful show and very cute to see the girls mouthing the lines all evening.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hi, from the Kids & Nat'l. NFP Week

I took this pic of the kids on Tuesday morning for a friend of mine in Kansas. The one of Paul & me was taken last evening on a cruise of Lake Minnetonka in celebration of national NFP week. It was fun to see old friends & although, the evening started out very muggy and warm, the evening on the water cooled off with a nice breeze. It was simply gorgeous to be out on the lake celebrating the gift of Life!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Hot Mama

It's worth noting when your mother-in-law comments on how good you look! She honestly said I look like a new person. I guess I'll have to post pics soon.:)

Walker, Texas Ranger

OK, so I'm not being very original. In any case, how dare I keep this for a whole week from all of you. Milestones, Mommy, milestones!!
Oh, and among Gabe's other firsts: opening the fridge and pulling out condiments from the inside of the door, attacking the crayon box, and going Nuk-less!

Filling Their Hearts

This afternoon I drove the girls to Cerenity Senior Care facility in E. St. Paul. Daddy works there two days a week as their chiropractor. He has made many friends and seen some come and go. Recently, a baby grand piano was donated to the facility. Daddy thought it would be nice for the girls and maybe one other family to perform for the residents and brighten their day.

We were joined by one other homeschooling family who has five piano players (the oldest, Maria, also plays violin) from the same piano school we attend in Arden Hills. The performances were beautiful, improvised in some cases, and comical.

They all played their most recent recital pieces, a few Church songs, a couple duets (including Heart & Soul...very toe-tapping), and sang showtunes from The Sound of Music. Because the Andress children are currently working on the play, The Sound of Music, with their homeschooling cousins, the Hogans; they were more than prepared for the singing portion of the afternoon. Monica even had a small part in the final "Goodbye" song from the ballroom scene of the movie to round out the afternoon.

The residents loved it, cheered, and even asked for an encore of "Edelweiss!"

All of the children were beaming when we left and had a chance to experience first-hand what a service they can provide for others through their talents.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun Day

Again, I forgot my camera! Anyway, we had a very fun day today. There was nothing on the calendar so we packed up our lunch and headed for Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. It was a gorgeous and not a cloud in the sky. The kids played at the playground near the old train car and then we walked to the rose garden. Maria brought her net and bug house and caught 2 butterflies for us. Lucas couldn't stay out of the fountains and we managed to do a little phonogram work under the shade of a tree. It is a beautiful park to say the least. There were a lot of great pic opportunities but I'll just have to burn those into my brain. I can probably retrieve them when I'm 80!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I just finished an awesome lunch and wiped my mouth with a wad of paper towels that I found on the counter. Of course, I didn't want to throw the wad away to save a was just a little damp. However, I just realized, after wiping my mouth, that I used it earlier to wipe off Lucas' wet hands and runny nose after he had his lunch.

You know I just can't think about these things too long and hard because I'll go crazy! For now, I did save a small tree and bonded with my son.

BTW...Monica is currently at a sewing class with the mom of one of our babysitters. Pics to come later of our accomplished seamstress!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Little Boy Blue

For those of you wondering where Lucas was in the last set of pictures, I can only recite the following:

Little Boy Blue come blow your horn....and where is the little boy who tends the sheep?

He's sitting in his carseat fast asleep!

Under Contruction

So the big project for this weekend is deck maintenance. This one's been put off and put off until now. As you can see everyone's in on the fun. All the tools are out useable or not. And the girls have been impressibly remarking, "Daddy you can build things like Bob, the Builder!"

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Soccer Chick

Monica had a soccer game this evening. Here she is in action as goalie and on the field in play. She really loves the game and puts her whole heart into every game and practice. I can't believe the season is over in only 2 more games. Maria plays, too, and I know they will both miss it. Little Miss Maria (runner extraordinaire) scored a goal Monday night and is one of the fastest runners on her team and a top-notch hustler on the field. I never would have expected this much from the girls but they truly love the game.

Keeping Everyone Occupied

So it was the old "let's pull out the animal lacing activity" yesterday afternoon. I was desparate to find an activity that would occupy these three monkeys so this was the trick. Monica & Maria loved the quasi-sewing aspect of the lacing & Lucas liked the animals. It was perfect and a much needed uninterrupted 30 minutes for me. The lacing is good eye-hand coordination practice as you figure each animal's lacing pattern.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's Been a While...

since I blogged last. I've been missing having a camera close by for some great moments in our family history. The camera's fine, but I usually don't run to grab it to catch those little moments and need to get back into that habit. Here is a list of things that I should have had a camera for:

1) When I found Gabe had chewed through a cocoa packet and was hungrily sucking down the powder. Just like a racoon, he opened up the box, stole a packet, went to hide in the kitchen, tore through the paper with his teeth; and when I found him he was powdery brown and oh so sweet smelling!
2) When Maria put a toad (caught by Daddy) in a toy sailboat and was cruising him around the kiddie pool in the front yard.
3) When Daddy took the same toad (affectionately named, Steve, who has been living in a 5 gallon bucket) under the front porch light to catch moths for him so Maria wouldn't find a dead toad in the morning. Daddy literally caught the moths with his hands & would throw them down into the bucket for Steve to catch. What we do for our children!
4) Molly & Lucas' first finger painting spree (controlled fingerpainting spree)!
5) Our beautiful flowers...I'll have to post a pic of this for sure.

I've had a sinus infection and haven't been getting much sleep so I shouldn't be so hard on myself. Although, I love posting things to this blog. It helps me stay in the present moment and enjoy all the beautiful blessings in our day.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Independence Day

Happy Belated 4th of July to everyone! We had a great time watching the Minneapolis fireworks display from the Stone Arch Walking Bridge. We've gone out there before but there was a bit of a difference this year. Everyone (in our group) was asserting their independence. In our family opinions are like elbows...everyone has two! So we had a fun time taking in all the comments and suggestions about snacks, when to leave, what to do, where to sit, and so on & so on. Of course, with growing up comes that independence. I think I'll stick to just celebrating the 4th rather than giving in to everyone's self-assertions around here!
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