Saturday, June 30, 2007

BBQ with Uncle Mark

It was a nice ending to our weekend to say the least. We had Uncle Mark and Grandpa & Grandma over for a nice farewell BBQ for Uncle Mark. It was fun. The kids had a great time being goofy and we had some good food and fun conversation!

We will certainly miss him as always!

Monday, June 25, 2007

More camping pics!

Here we have a pic of the giant snapping turtle we found in the grass and the mega craft station compliments of cousin, Sue! The kids made Christmas ornaments with lots of glitter, bouncy balls (very cool process), played with Play-Doh, and had a coloring contest complete with prizes. And, of course, all the usual food suspects were present: s'mores, Jiffy Pop, grilled meats, and cold beer!

Camping Pics

The weekend was awesome, the weather perfect, and the time well spent with family & new found friends. We all had a great time. Here are a few pics of the weekend.


I (Mommy) had a loaded day today. I was at a Reading/Grammar Works seminar all day & have 2 more days to go. It was very insightful, and I'm very excited to teach this to all the kids when they are ready. The seminar is basically handwriting, spelling, reading, grammar instruction for K-8 and on through High School. I'm so glad Daddy encouraged me to go. It's nice to get away, too, and be in a brain-stimulating environment with adults...very different from the day-to-day. The kids were shocked to see all my materials when I walked in the door this afternoon. They said, "Mommy, you really are going to school!"

The fun never stops

Back from camping today. We all had a great time swimming, playing house outdoors, and just enjoying family and friends. It was awesome! I'll post pics later on tomorrow. Right now, we have heaps of laundry and I (Mommy) have a training/seminar for the next three days. So, of course, the fun never stops and I'm back to the kitchen to organize and get food ready for tomorrow.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

This just takes the cake!

Just so everyone knows we don't have perfect children or a perfect life, I wanted to share what just happened 3 minutes ago. And maybe I just need to get this down and out of my head so I don't flip out completely.

As I was changing Gabe's poopy diaper, he reached down, touched his bottom and then raised his hand up to lick his fingers! EEEEWWWWW!

All I can say & think is that it won't kill him! And that sweet little face that I love to kiss isn't going to get kissed for a looong time!

Monday, June 18, 2007

What do you like to do?

There aren't many quiet moments in our house, but when there are these are some of the kids' favorite pastimes:

Monica: loves to sit on the couch and read for at least an hour
Maria: loves to draw out on the deck
Molly: loves to put together puzzles at the kitchen table
Lucas: loves to look at picture books
Gabe: loves to sit in his pack and play and bang on his little piano

Right now is one of those quiet moments. I just love to watch them find ways to entertain themselves in a productive way. It's so gratifying to see their interests and how different they all are.


These are some of the things I've been asking "What?" about:

Molly: (When asked what holiday we will be celebrating next) Kwanzaa?
Monica: (When told we have to be flexible to changes in our schedule) Well, no one asked me if I wanted a change and no one told me when it was going to happen!
Maria: Mom, I'm bringing this moth inside the house to keep as a pet.
Lucas: (As he pulled down his shorts and underwear at Minnehaha Falls to go wading! I have a pic of this below.)

And, Gabe? Well, he can't speak yet so I usually ask him, "What?" stupidly as if he can answer me with more than a grunt or scream!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day, Daddy!

He's the best, we all love him, and yet he thinks he doesn't do enough! No Dad ever does, but in our book he's well on his way to becoming Christ for all of us.

We love you, Daddy!

For a beautiful reflection on fathers use the following link to access our parish's bulletin and read the piece from our priest, Fr. Paul LaFontaine. I read it to Paul and made him and me cry.

You can click on "Bulletin" from the home page and select "11th Sunday in Ordinary Time." Scroll down to find "A Father's Day Reflection."

Saturday, June 16, 2007


I was able to preview the photos from our Memorial Day photoshoot about a week ago. I ordered the photo of the kids in hopes to order our family photo later this summer or fall. There are a few cropping issues the photographer has to fix before that one is ready. Otherwise, I was able to pick up the finished photo of the kids. Here it is. Only faces a mother could love...and all of you, of course!

What a great morning

This morning we hustled out the door to be at St. Thomas by 8:45AM. Our mission: to pick up our dear friend Joe Trabbic at the Univ. of St. Thomas. He's been in town from Florida (he's a prof. at Ave Maria Univ. in Naples) for a conference. Daddy and I met with him Tuesday night, but he wasn't able to meet the kids. So we headed to breakfast at Cap's this morning and then over to Minnehaha Falls for sightseeing. The kids had a great time and loved all the attention they received from Joe. With 9 nieces and nephews you've gotta be great with kids!

Thanks for a fun time, Joe! We'll miss you.

Fun, Fun, Fun 'til Your Mommy Deflates Your Pool!

Yesterday, I was meeting a friend for coffee and Grandma was going to cover while I left and Daddy arrived from work. Since all the kids would be up during that time Grandma suggested I inflate the wading pool and get the sprinkler set up. Good idea! Grandma was able to sit in a camp chair with Gabe in the front yeard while my other monsters had a blast getting wet! Good idea, Grandma!

Friday, June 15, 2007

Welcome to the New Millennium!

Well, we finally purchased a laptop. After months of research and waiting for the perfect deal, Daddy walked into Micro Center tonight and picked out our new laptop. He's setting everything up right now. So tomorrow, I just might be blogging from our new machine. It's all very exciting. And I'm glad I won't have to be holed up downstairs in the dungeon to quickly do computer work while my little monsters terrorize each other and destroy the house in the process. And it looks sleek, too!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Much to our horror and schock, the baby cardinals have disappeared. We have several theories as to how the nest is home to only one unhatched egg. I checked the nest this morning and found 4 baby cardinals plus the one egg. I went back to check on the nest after lunch and only found the one egg. Our guesses are that either a cat, a crow, or a bluejay ate the babies! We looked all around the bush and found no signs they had fallen out. We are all in shock and very sad. I guess that's just the cycle of life and God's way of controlling the bird population.:(

Monday, June 11, 2007

Our day at the beach

Grandma Carol invited us over to Lake Owasso for an outing yesterday. We packed a picnic lunch and headed over after an hour of digging out the summer stuff. Grandma walked over to meet us at the beach and hung out for most of the afternoon. It was fun and the kids loved the water even though it was quite chilly. We lost Gabe after awhile. Cute, huh?

Look what's outside our front door....

a very cool nest of baby cardinals. We've been watching the mother & father cardinals go in and out of our lilac bush for some time. I found the nest a couple weeks ago with 2, then 3, then 5 eggs. The kids are excited that the mother cardinal has 5 babies just like I do!!

Three eggs hatched over the last couple days. They are affectionately named Monica, Maria, and Molly. We'll see if Lucas and Gabe hatch sometime today or tomorrow. For now, it's an awesome live Science project.

Finally, Captain Underpants!

Since we were lounging around on Sunday morning after our run around day on Saturday, Daddy was able to capture a pic of Captain Underpants! He also got a pic of Lucas gallopping around with his Tigger. I guess in this pic he was resting!

Piano Recitals

Another season of piano has been completed. With that, recitals for the girls were held on Saturday at their lesson location in Arden Hills. About 20 children performed. The girls were very nervous but did beautifully. Even Maria, who I was afraid would cry, did well. Her confidence has increased tremendously this year. Maria performed Marionettes, a Russian folksong; and Monica performed Sonata in G by Haydn. Hopefully, we can post a music file here when we get the CD of their performances.

Here are a few pics from the event.

Friday, June 8, 2007

The forchin cooky that had no forchin

I'm probably shooting myself in the foot by posting this, but I just had to share this funny story that Maria wrote in her K class. Yes, she has learned to read phonetically and, yes, I am now inheriting this "situation" with her going into 1st grade and needing to learn how to spell correctly. Who said sanctity was going to be easy?

Here's the story (completely unedited!) and I scanned in a pic of the front cover so you can see her rendition of our ride!

Once there was a girl and her famely the girl and her famely went to a chines restront thay ate rise and vechtibels that wer cookt with soysos and chines wontons. and then it was time for forchen cookes the gerl went to the front desc to get the cookys for her famely. she onrapt the forchen cooky but ther was no forchen! the girl was wereyd if the cooky had no forchen it woodint be a forchen cooky. the girl went home withowt a forchin. the girl tooc a nap but she was stil thinking a bout the forchen. the end

This, of course, was inspired by our trips to the Village Wok in Dinkytown, and how we always complain that the papers in our fortune cookies usually are advice and not a fortune!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Free Root Beer Floats

I was informed by my brother-in-law that tonight is Sonic's Summer Kick-off. They are serving up free root beer floats until midnight tonight. So if you're anywhere near a Sonic, you might still have a chance to pump up your glycemic index for the evening!

Winning on a Different Level

Monica had a soccer game tonight...the first of the season. Her team lost but their hearts were definately in it. During the car ride home, she reflected on the game and finally concluded that while the other team scored more goals, her team progressed with different skills and team-play. So she said, "I guess you could say we won on a different level."

OK, on a different level? Where do they get this stuff?

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Looking Ahead

Monica, Maria, and I attended a High School graduation this evening for one of our babysitters. Sarah's all grown up and off to college. What made tonight very special was that all the graduates were homeschooled. Sarah actually attended grade school at our local Catholic school, but her parents and Sarah opted for a homeschool high school. It was a very cool ceremony. The parents awarded each of their graduates their diploma and each graduate graduated from their homeschool, although, Y.E.A.H. (Youth Educated at Home) put together the commencement. I just had to laugh at Sarah's homeschool which is affectionately named "WLAD of Columbia Heights." I asked her afterward what it stands for and she said that her Mom named their homeschool Work Like A Dog!

I like that! For now, we'll take things one year at a time around here. To say the least the evening was powerful for the girls. Monica came home and asked Daddy, "Are you going to cry at my graduation?"

Monday, June 4, 2007

Mommy's Little Helper

Lucas always gets thrilled when I vacuum. He usually pulls out his toy Hoover and vacuums along with me. I'm savoring these moments because he'll probably switch to a Shop Vac later. Until then, he's Mama's boy!!

Great Weekend

What a great weekend! Daddy, Gabe & I attended the Catholic Homeschool Conference at Univ. of St. Thomas this weekend which was tiring but such a shot in the arm of enthusiasm and joy for our adventure in homeschooling our bunch. There were great speakers, so many wonderful people, it was organized, and informative. Daddy and I agree that although homeschooling won't be perfect (what is?) it will be an adventure and a joy at the same time. Of course, we love adventure! From canoeing down the Brazos River to taking the Greyhound up from TX to MN after our honeymoon (ok now you all now!) to conferencing in Cancun with a 6 month old, we're magnets for chaos and the thrill of going with the flow.

Of course, there were perks from the weekend. Coffee with Danielle Bean (ok, I love her...she's my idol! Just kidding.)! I usually check Danielle's website for encouragement through her daily blog. She inspired me to start this little blog of ours.:) Danielle is very gracious and so down-to-earth. The other lovely ladies are friends of mine...very local support group for anything and everything!

Danielle's website is listed as one of my links...check it out!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Mug update

Here are some pics of the other party-goers. We don't need full-blown parties anymore...we have enough people to fill the room!

We're getting hounded around here!

So I'm back-logged on my picture posting...(I'm sticking my tongue out now!) It's been crazy around here so I'm finally downloading a few pics. I still haven't photoed Captain Underpants...usually I'm spanking his tail upstairs before bedtime rather than taking his picture. I'll try to get that pic another way!!

So here are the pics of Molly's birthday...finally.
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