Thursday, May 31, 2007

Belated Birthday

Well, we didn't forget around here, but I forgot to note it in the Blog. Molly turned 4 year's old yesterday. That's right our little pistol is no longer 3! I have pics to download of her amazing sneaky smile...but will do so later.

Meanwhile, she's been telling me all morning she doesn't need help with anything anymore since she's 4 now!! And, in case, anyone's wondering about socialization and homeschooling my bunch...I know, for sure, Molly will have no problems in that area...Little Miss Confidence, Defiance, and Strong-Will.:)

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Look like a Team

These were the words spoken to me by the photographer who photographed our family yesterday morning. I had a voucher for a free photo session towards the purchase of a family photo so we took advantage of this since everyone was home. I took the advice of the photographer and everyone was decked out in white tops with either khaki pants or skorts. The kids looked so cute and I hope that I get a small reproduction that I can post here on our blog. We, of course, forgot our camera so I didn't take my own photos.:(

I just laughed at what my younger brother said when Daddy told him about how we all looked like a team playing at the playground at the park where the photo shoot took place. My brother said, "Oh, so you had a Legionary outing!"

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stop the Madness!!

Things have been crazy around here. Soccer started, we have 2 weeks of school left and Lucas is completely potty trained...dry nights, too!!!

It's been a whirlwind, but fun nonetheless.

Hopefully, we'll get back to a calmer schedule can only hope.:)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Monday, May 21, 2007

The Drama Queen

Maria (6) came into the bathroom this morning as I was doing my hair. She seemed upset about something...there's always something in the morning with Maria. She said her calendar is weird and not right. I asked why and she said:

"It says, 'Mon, Tue, Wed...'"

"Oh," I said, "instead of 'Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.'"

She burst into tears because I started to chuckle. I told her I would look at maybe getting a new calendar and told her it wasn't anything to cry about. This, of course, happened after she complained about how her shorts fit, changed her shirt twice, and refused at first and then put her sweatshirt on! Oh, the drama!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

All in Favor...

well we didn't have any actual voting, but we did just conduct our first family meeting this morning. Now that the kids are getting a teeny bit older, there is also more responsibility for each of them....well not the baby. But there are still noses getting bent and feet getting stepped on even by Lucas (2). We all have to respect each other and make our home a peaceful haven for all who live here and all we welcome into our home.

With that being said, Daddy conducted our first meeting at 11AM sharp this morning & we were done in about 15 minutes. We covered reminders for morning jobs, mealtime jobs, the morning rush routine before school and "new" summer maintenance routine (i.e. designated potty routes for quick entry into the house with shoes on while playing outside!)

Everyone was participating and especially liked the rewards part of the meeting. A new chart will be posted listing jobs and a reward system will be implemented. Hopefully, this will help to keep the peace and order around here.

Of course, there were the quirky comments:
Molly (3): Mommy, Mommy, Maria....(tattling wasn't part of the meeting!); and
Maria (6): Wars?!! (When we were talking about REWARDS!)

All in all, it was good...we'll see how it goes!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

My little Robin

At lunch today, Lucas ecstatically said the following about a Robin just outside our kitchen window:

"Look, Mommy, a birdie! I wish to be a bird so I can fly high in the sky. I can be a daddy Robin!"

He then outstretched his arms/wings as if to sail out of his booster chair!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cinco de Mayo Update

I just found these pics from our Cinco de Mayo celebration. Daddy was at a loss trying to find just the right pinata. Try finding a truly Mexican pinata on the 5th of May...impossible! We settled for this little white pony for the kids to bang around in the backyard.

Mother's Day Update

I had a great Mother's Day and Mother's Day vigil. Daddy & I went for a little date Saturday evening. I packed a picnic and we headed over to Lake Harriet with our bikes. We ate and biked around both Lakes Harriet and Calhoun. When we were done, Daddy commented on how we biked close to 7 miles! I was so surprised because I was distracted by the lakes and the view of the Minneapolis skyline. It was awesome!

On Mother's Day, we got up early, went to Mass and then brunch. I was surprised with a dozen roses they were all hiding in a 5 gallon bucket in the garage. I arranged the flowers and are still enjoying them!

We visited Grandma Carol later and gave her flowers and a card. The kids were very excited to do this!

It was a very relaxing day, the weather was great, and it was just nice to take a breath and stand back and see that yes, I am a Mother. No matter how much I get wrong, right, or wonder about whether I'm doing the right thing; I have been blessed to be given this title; one to which I will never be truly worthy. To say the least, I was humbled!

My Little Nature Lover

Maria (6) loves nature! Unfortunately, she has serious allergies and so much so that she had an attack over the weekend which resulted in puffy, watery, red eyes; a runny nose; and a raspy throat. She stayed home from school yesterday and had to wear sunglasses outside because the wind was making her eyes worse. After a day of Benadryl and rest, she's better now. It's hard to keep this kid away from wildflowers and other things that may cause her allergies to flare up. She loves making pretend nests for birds, getting nests out of trees, and picking everything and anything with a little color other than green.

I picked up a couple of field guides to keep her occupied while the pollen settles over the next few weeks. I had to chuckle over our conversation in the car this morning. One of her books has every egg listed with the bird that lays that particular egg. Maria was excited to see a flamingo's egg. I asked if it is pink. She said the following:

"No. That's because the babies haven't eaten the shrimp yet. The shrimp makes them pink later."

I just laughed quietly. Where does she come up with this stuff?!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Captain Underpants

I'll have to post a pic later of Lucas sporting his new Disney underpants. I decided yesterday to bite the bullet and take his diapers off leaving him with underwear. Now that he's a little over two and a half, I felt it was time. I can't believe that in just one day he's understood the concept of needing to go to the bathroom. He's had several successes and several failures, but I've resolved to stay calm, to stay the course and help him learn how to be free of diapers. He enjoys telling us he needs to go potty and has been so successful at it that he has a new sense of confidence in being a "big boy!"

It's challenging and exciting. I didn't want to go through this, but wow is it different a day and a half into potty training. It's so different with every kid and you just don't know how each one will react. Surprisingly, it's not as bad as I think it will be.

Pics are forthcoming!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

I should think twice...

before packing up the 3 little ones and making a Kinkos run.

I desparately needed to drop off a job at Kinkos this morning so it would be ready for pickup by Daddy this afternoon. So I packed up Molly, Lucas & Gabe and ran over there. I opted for the 2 stroller combo to restrain both boys. Molly's afraid of me enough to know that she'd better not run around or destroy anything in a store so I figured she could help me with one of the strollers.

Of course, I was super thrilled with how cheap the job was going to end up costing and I was even more thrilled at how well behaved the boys seemed to be doing. So I trotted out of the store with both strollers only to look down & see what had been entertaining Gabe the whole time. He had 5 Napoleon Dynamite birthday cards in his stroller and was happily chewing on one of them! I quickly grabbed the cards & put them back & thought I'd better get the heck out of here!

After loading up the kids and the stollers I realized Gabe lost his nuk somewhere between the van and the checkout counter. I made a mad dash into the store & found the nuk on the floor next to the counter.

What was I thinking? This is a store that's open 24 hours a day. I could've dropped off the job last night & spared myself the stress and the possible incarceration from leaving my kids in the car even if I sprinted like Dash from the Incredibles in & out of Kinkos with a nuk in hand! Sometimes I think I enjoy the challenge, the adventure, and the insanity! Ahh, the joys of motherhood!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Joys of Perennials

I'll have to post a pic tomorrow of our tiny perennial garden in the front yard. We clipped and pruned and laid down fresh ground cover & the green is so cute and getting ready to spring forth. We have a nice assortment of speedwell, echinacea, spires, hydrangeas, and four cute little rose bushes. We use cocoa hulls for groundcover which give the little garden a nice chocolatey smell and it adheres well to the soil once it gets moist. We don't get enough of a chance to garden but when we finally do it's a lot of fun!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

More Cow Bell, Baby!

While at breakfast this morning, Maria (6) surprised both Daddy & me with a little announcement. She said the following:

Maria: If we decide to homeschool next year, which we are, we're going to need a cow bell to wake us up in the morning!

Daddy & I both cracked up because she probably means a "school bell!" However, her statement also evoked funny memories of watching this skit on SNL sometime ago. I like The Blue Oyster Cult, or at least some of their songs. Daddy just rolls his eyes because he actually lived through this stuff. I always shock him, too, when I start singing things like Crystal Blue Persuasion and Dreamweaver while I'm cleaning the house or cooking.

Here's the clip:

Friday, May 4, 2007

Mom, You Rock!

...according to Daddy! Why? I started quartering oranges and serving them up! As simple as that and I've turned a fruit that used to sit on the dining room table for looks into something mouth-watering, juicy and gobbled up in seconds by everyone!

The change in my Avatar came about because of my whirlwind bake-a-thon for none another than...the school carnival.

Spring is Springing

I just thought I'd post a few pics of what's going on at our place....outdoors-wise. I've always wanted to make sure and capture these moments on film because it changes so much in summer. Our backyard is pretty much an English shade garden so its peak is now. It's all very beautiful & miraculous to see the awakening from winter. These are pics of a flowering crab apple tree (pink) in the front yard, a lilac bush (purple) in the backyard, and violets that are springing up everywhere (we have to manage these!!).

Daddy's on a Diet

Daddy came home after a visit to the doctor who simply reiterated what I've been telling him, "Take your wife's advice and go on a diet!" So after the comment he made on Monday, "I had to pour myself into these jeans," we had to think of something to buoy Daddy's spirits and rally him on to a slimmer waistline. I've been reducing the amount of lunch I pack for him. Yes, I do pack his lunch sometimes. Anyway, I've taken to ridding the kitchen of sweets, too.

Of course, as I point one finger at him I have 4 fingers pointing back at me!! My excuse...I'm still nursing the baby. Although, supermodels and celebrities swear that breastfeeding helped them lose their baby fat in less than 2 months after giving birth, I've somehow managed to pile on all the babyfat from 5 babies. Go figure! I still have a small bit of hope that once I wean the little leech, I will be moving on to a slimmer trimmer so that I don't have to hide behind my Yahoo Avatar. Who knows, maybe I'll be as buff and can create a very buff companion to match my slim and trim hubby, as well.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A face only a Mother could love

Here are the birthday pics! Two things have changed since our first child's (Monica) first birthday:

1) By the fifth child, you stop having 1 year old birthday parties,
2) You stop caring about the mess!

Daddy swears it was controlled chaos...I beg to differ!

Happy Birthday, Gabey!

Our resident artist, Maria, put together this birthday card for Gabe. I love this picture! The profile drawing is of her whispering, "Hi, Grandma" so that Gabe will wave. He's holding his birthday cupcake in the other hand. Just a couple weeks ago, the only way we could get Gabe to wave hello was to say, "Hi, Grandma" to him. He waves frantically when we say it so this picture on the card captures so much from the last month. Notice the blond hair, too...of course, he's the only blondie in the group!
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