Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Am I right, or am I right!! This photo was taken at 6:40PM!!

(The photo of Lucas in the last post was one I had of him from last year.)

Hee, Hee, Hee!!

It's 3PM and no one's napping! It's been one of those run around town days and everyone fell asleep in the van on the way home. I took a deep breath when I arrived home so I could accept there would be no formal naps in beds with lullabies so I could have a quiet afternoon to myself. Instead, I'm rocking out to Bob & Larry's Sunday Morning Songs and I'm on referee duty.

My one consolation: These 3 little munchkins will be falling asleep in their spaghetti bowls at dinner and bedtime will come between 6:30 & 7PM. Hee, hee, hee!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Kids Abandoned at Library...Parents found at Carpet King

We actually thought about possibly dropping off our kids at the Library and letting them read & play there while we stole away to Carpet King. After all, we're at the Library every Monday evening after piano lessons & the librarians all know our kids. It wouldn't be so bad...just a quick 45 minutes! After all, it's a one day sale & we already know what color we want.

We did think about this until we realized what the headline would read in today's police blotter!

Kids...carpet; Kids...carpet...Hmmm?

We decided to take the kids to Carpet King & the rest will make a very funny memory someday!

Monday, February 26, 2007

The After Party

Eating with the kids is always...interesting!

After sledding we came home & had hot chocolate & popcorn while our pizza was baking in the oven. I thought about eating Lucas' leftover pizza after he scraped all the cheese off, but Paul thought I should think twice about that!! We also found that the carrot he's holding was double-dipped into the ranch dressing (actually according to Monica it was dipped 5 times)!!

The other pic is one of Lucas who just couldn't wait for dinner on Saturday & helped himself to an apple. I guess he couldn't wait to sit back down in his chair either!

It's Osc...Sledding Night!

Well, I actually did watch the Oscars last night...all of it! Shock and a half for wins for both Alan Arkin (I didn't think he really had a chance & he wasn't my pick) & Little Miss Sunshine winning best Writing: Original Screenplay & I cried...yes, I did...when Michael Arndt said the following in his acceptance speech:

"And finally, when I was a kid, my family drove 600 miles in a VW bus with a broken clutch. So it ended up being the funniest things we did together..." Gee, I wonder why this just got me!!

But all this did happen after our sledding party. Note the smiling face of our beautiful 7 year old, Monica! She even loved hauling the sleds back up the hill to help Daddy while he hauled kids.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wah, Wah, Waaahhhh!

This came from the 7 year old who just happened to be in a downward spiral this morning:

"I've wanted to go skating & sledding & now Mommy says it's snowing so we can't go skating & there's not enough snow to go sledding & Gabey was born & ruined my summer & now he's ruining our winter because we have to stay here & take care of him. We can't do anything fun. We went to San Antonio but we only had a little bit of fun because of Gabey...we couldn't have a lot of fun because of him & we're always taking care of him. So we're never going to have fun."

OK, OK, Monica, don't be a Debbie Downer.

Date Night In!

Oh, the weather outside is frightful, but inside it's quite delightful...we've been thinking of trying a "date night in" for a few weeks & decided to try it tonight. With the "storm of the century" looming it only made sense to stay in. So...I found an easy recipe on Global Gourmet, whipped up some Mac 'n Cheese for the kids & secured a video for the wee ones. The product: an awesome pasta dish with things the kids don't like (basil chifonade & fresh mozzarella), artisan garlic bread & mini chocolate bundt cakes. And, yes, there was wine and as Molly the 3 year old says:

"I like wine because it has drunk in it!"

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez

Well, we had another successful Mardi Gras! With Louisiana Spice playing, red beans & rice & shrimp creole on the purple, green & gold decorated table we all had a wonderful time living it up on the last day before Lent. Everyone ate tons & danced & laughed. Of course, Daddy was feeling like the king of his castle with his crown & beads. After chewing on his beads, little Gabey, settled down to a nice meal of crackers! It was just like the Big Easy, except for the debauchery. However, Daddy did stir up a couple of hurricanes for the adults!

For me, I love Mardi Gras, too! It gives me a chance to do two things: cook up a storm (which I love) and give Daddy the biggest gift...a cajun meal & good music...he's so easy to please! For Daddy, the displaced Louisianan at heart, yesterday he was our Cajun King!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

What are You Chewing?

As I was loading up the kids this morning I noticed that Molly was chewing something as I buckled her up. I figured it was probably a fruit snack left over from another trip, but it had to have been a while back. We then had this exchange:

Mommy: What are you chewing?
Molly: A fruit snack.
Mommy: We don't want to pick up dirty fruit snacks from the car because we might get germs.
Molly: Well, on the San Antonio trip (which was over Christmas!!)I wanted to keep them here for safe keeping!

She then pointed to the little place where her buckle comes up for her 5-point harness. I found the tiniest space just perfect for a stash of fruit snacks!

Monday, February 19, 2007

The O-Team

I often wonder why I sit through so many of the movies that Daddy brings home for our adult movie night. I've seen almost every WWI, WWII, and possibly every other war movie made. I've sat through Saving Private Ryan (we actually own this now!), the ENTIRE Band of Brothers series (10 movies), Das Boot, We Were Soldiers (I believe that's the title), another series that was only released on HBO, and recently Joyeux Noel (one of last year's Academy nominees for best foreign film about WWI).

Maybe it's because I often feel like we're on the front lines of some war somewhere when all of a sudden, as we're calmly cleaning up the kitchen after last night's dinner, I lift the baby out of the highchair only to notice that he's wet but not from dinner! Quick, get upstairs! He needs a bath now! Daddy says, "I'll draw a bath. Should I send up 3 more bathers?"

Mommy: "Sure, I'll bathe them all!" I then proceed to undress the baby & find more than I expected & quickly whisk him away to be bathed. Good, the water is already drawn & warm. 2 more bathers arrive on the scene. I've got the baby done in 3 minutes flat. I lift him out, turn around & there's Daddy waiting with a towel to carry him off to get dressed. I yell for the fourth bather, but big sister is chasing him down because he's undressed himself & is taking off his diaper!

Daddy: "Get out of the way, Lucas (third bather) needs to go potty...NOW!" He doesn't quite make it. (Quick, remove the bath mat & grab another clean bath mat...I'll just wash that one tomorrow!)

Mommy: "Bathers 2 & 3 are done. I'll bathe Lucas quickly & you get the hair dryer ready to go, Daddy!" (Meanwhile, Lucas is out & big sister finishes off dressing the baby. I go to check the baby, but he feels warm. Daddy finishes with hair & comes into the nursery to get Lucas into his bed.) "I need the thermometer...I think he's running a fever. (Daddy comes back with the thermometer & has already located the Ibuprofen.) He's 101.6!"

Daddy: I'll get his medicine & you kiss Molly & Lucas, do prayers & get them in bed. (Meanwhile, I get big sister's shower ready.)

I come back to rock the baby & get him down for bed. One down! Daddy is dealing with Molly & Lucas since they don't want to go to bed. We finally get them down & move onto the big sisters. These guys are easy...we finish drying any wet hair & slap ourselves with a high five!

Of course, this isn't because of some incredible method of organization or years of experience. Had it been we wouldn't have left the baby so long that he blew out his diaper, or we would have anticipated Lucas & he wouldn't have sat on the bathmat without a diaper & with a poopy bottom, and we wouldn't have left bath night for Sunday night after grilling & finally sitting down to eat at 7PM! No, this was purely divine intervention.

Or maybe it is just all the basic training we've received from Daddy's fine pick of films!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Roamin' Catholic

Finding your faith in the midst of everyday life is what we're all about around here. Here's little Gabey tootling around the house with his rosary beads!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy St. Valentine's Day, Silly Mommy!

I just had to snap a shot of this awesome looking plate of cookies. Monica, Maria & I stayed up last night to make these for the teachers & for ourselves just for the occassion! I always think they do an excellent job decorating. However, this is what quickly came from Molly (the 3 year old) as I finished snapping the pic:

"Mommy, you can't take a picture of the cookies because they don't say, 'CHEESE!'"

Monday, February 12, 2007

King Lucas the Bug Man

I love to see Lucas walk around the house with this plastic thing on his head. It's the inside of a construction worker's hat that he removed and wears as a crown. The girls call him, "King Lucas." Today King Lucas was defending his kingdom from his mother's biggest fear. I was working at the computer when I suddenly heard, "A bug, a bug." I just yelled from where I was & asked what was going on. His scream became louder & very fast, "A bug, a bug, a bug!!" I knew the thing was probably crawling away so I got up & ran to fetch a Kleenex to crush it. King Lucas was right...a small pill bug was cowering under a plastic van fearing for his life.
What makes me laugh even more is that my kids' fear & disdain for bugs probably comes from me. I was at the computer earlier today checking out the Cedar Creek, MN bug guide to identify yet another household pest, the basic household centipede, & how to exterminate it!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Who's Your Conscience?

We usually try to sleep in a little later on Saturday mornings. This morning was no exception. The question is always how to keep the kids controlled while we sleep in that extra hour. Sometimes we call on our good friend, Spark-a lightning bolt, who represents the child's conscience in the Kids 4 Jesus program that we used to use with Monica & Maria. Now even the 2 year old knows who Spark is & that with Spark asking you to do something, you probably better do it.

This morning Daddy had this exchange with the 2 & 3 year olds while trying to keep them entertained for that coveted extra hour:

Lucas (2): Spark told me to get dressed.

Daddy: You should go in your room & play until Mommy & Daddy get up.

Molly (3): Daddy, you're not Spark!

Friday, February 9, 2007


This morning at breakfast I glanced over at Daddy only to see a sparkle in his eyes that seemed to say, "Aha! I finally found a way to finance my mid-life crisis!!"

We are always trying to find ways to cut expenses & one of the things that never gets cut is the food bill. Because Daddy is in the medical professions he is very health conscious & sugar cereal is always looked at with disdain because of lack of nutritive value and cost. This morning I made the girls cream of wheat. Of course, Daddy looked at the fact that I put in sugar for the girls but was very sparing. He then proceeded to ask me how much the cost per serving might be. When I said, "5 cents," he gave me that look!

So for the rest of winter & maybe the school year we'll be serving up good 'ol cream of wheat.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Threading the Needle & a Return to Normalcy

Do you ever have that feeling that if the first event in a chain of events is offset by a minute or two your world just might end? I almost had a panic attack this morning as Maria & I waited for Grandma to come over to watch the 3 little ones. A 10:30AM doctor's appointment was driving my morning & so I had to leave by 10AM on the nut! When Grandma didn't show at the expected time, I almost frieked out. I should always factor in an extra 15 minutes for explaining things like...lunch, how to work the TV/VCR rig that Daddy has downstairs for simple PBS television viewing, location of diapers & what to do if there's a crisis (i.e. cell phone number, neighbors to call). All this done, Maria & I were out the door at 10:04AM and I just kept thanking God that the roads were dry as I hauled down 35W.

Everything actually worked out great. We made it out of the doctor's office by 11:22 and were over to Daddy's work by 11:30 sharp for lunch.

The big event was a photo shoot for the next cover & issue of the quarterly publication at the chiro. college where Daddy works. Little Maria will be gracing the cover with the chiro. mascot Vinnie the Vertebrate. Maria did very well...smiles and all! I'll, hopefully, be able to upload the photo in a future post.

Return to Normalcy

After everyone being sick, I didn't think we'd ever get back to the kids sleeping through the night. We hit another milestone. Yes, illness will throw a kid's schedule off. And, yes, that infant that's been getting up at 3AM every night to nurse will fall back into his routine for Mommy's & Daddy's first night in a long time of uninterrupted sleep! I was so surprised to see my clock radio beam 6:05AM this morning. I was really getting tired of seeing 3:00!!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Artist in Residence

Our little artist in residence, 5 yr. old Maria, has always shown remarkable talent. Ever since she bit that first breakfast sausage round into an animal...can't remember which one now...I new she may be destined for greatness! This is one of her most recent drawings after a unit on Africa. The students were asked to copy the instructions as their art teacher gave them while drawing her own copy at the board.

We are very proud of our little artist!

Something to Look Forward To

I was looking for an image in my files to describe today's bone-chilling's 16 BELOW ZERO today!! However, I found this instead. This was taken at our family Mardi Gras celebration last February. We love celebrating Mardi Gras the evening before Ash Wednesday. I usually make jambalaya or shrimp etouffe and we play Zydeco music on a CD from Buckwheat Zydeco. We made these masks years ago but the kids still like to use them.

Mardi Gras is definately something to celebrate when the weather is just too cold outside! Snow's expected tomorrow & illnesses are starting to wane. I'm just glad it's sunny outside...keeps the spirits up around here!

As we say in our house at Mardi Gras...Laissez Les Bon Temps Roule!! We just wish those times were a little warmer...even 20 degrees would feel better than this. Now that's a Minnesotan for you!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

My Uncle races cars on ice!

I guess it runs in the that is! We took this cute pic of our 9 month old baby, Gabriel. It's currently about 1 degree outside but that didn't stop this toothy grin when older brother put baby in the Little Tykes racer. And yes, Uncle Mark, does race cars on ice...Saabs on Lake Mille Lacs!

Friday, February 2, 2007

Big Dreams

The 3 year old, Molly, usually makes me laugh with her frankness and timely comments. Today's was especially cute.

(After gazing at our wedding photo for quite some time)

Molly: Mommy, did you have flower girls at your wedding?
Me: No.
Molly: Can I be your flower girl?
Me: When?
Molly: The next time you get married.
Me: Sure.
Molly: Yippee!

Of course, I'll have to mention this to Daddy!
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