Monday, January 29, 2007

Illness taketh over!

I hate the chain reaction of illness. Last week the oldest was home for 2 days with a terrible cough and congestion. The third child soon followed with a sinus infection. From then we've been dropping like flies! I've finally succumbed and have been confined to my bed since yesterday morning. Actually, I should be in bed but laundry and meals must continue! When we go through these bouts only 2 groups of people are happy: the makers of Kleenex & the makers of cough medicine.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Dinner anyone?

We are sitting around looking back at the great dinner we had this evening at our favorite Mexican restaurant. Three things we didn't expect but should because our ecological footprint is larger than most:

1) A hostess' surprise at us wanting to be squished at a round table so we can manage & help our children feed at the "dining trough",
2) The apparent shock of 3 business men as they counted the heads of all 5 children as we waited to be seated,
3) The awesome coupon that was passed over to us for a 1/2 off dinner entree by a neighboring (and ogling) couple!

Oh, the joys of a larger family...impacting society one dinner-night-out at a time!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Feminine Hy-jinks

I just had to post the exchange I had with my dear husband this morning. I'm getting very personal about myself with this post so you'll have to excuse me. However, I think there are a few husbands out there that can probably relate.

It's that time of the month again, so I was frantically trying to find the right feminine napkin for this particular day...women, I'm sure you can relate. Of course, in my frenzy, I recruited my husband to try to help me find what I was looking for. They're called Always, but my husband calls them NEVER!

He feels he can NEVER get these right. His argument:

"The market is so fragmented. This ways, that ways, NEVER. I'm never gonna get the right one. A guy like me can never win. Whatever, I bring home is NEVER right. Whatever I bring home to you just isn't gonna fly."

I said, "They have to have wings!"
He said, "They have wings? I didn't mean that literally!!"

Medical Kids

My husband and I have science backgrounds & have both worked in the medical professions. My husband is still a practicing chiropractor so we have our fair share of scientific discussions & references to science-related things around our home. In addition to these discussions we have a few medical instruments around our home that the children are exposed to. One such instrument is the respected cerumen loop. I usually chase down the kids & use this death-like looking instrument to extract ear wax from their ears.

Recently, Molly, our 3 year old came up to me to report:

"Look, Mommy! I found the froota loop!"
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