Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We Missed Our Anniversary!

I just looked back at when we started our blog...November 21, 2006! I forgot to do a celebratory entry this year to mark our 1 year anniversary of "Thriving With Five." Sigh!

Well, at least Daddy & I didn't forget our wedding anniversary. We celebrated 9 years of wedded, kid-infested bliss last Wednesday, November 28th. We had a nice dinner out and Daddy surprised me with a dozen roses and a card. Typical of us, we chose a steak house close to Costco so we could capitalize on our childcare for the evening! So my loot for the evening not only included the roses and card, but a giant-sized salmon fillet, and a few other mega-sized, big-box items.:)


  1. You guys are hilarious. I would totally double up and go to Costco too. :)
    Congratulations on 9 years!

  2. Thanks for the congrats, Heather! I need to check your blog, too; I've still been digging out after being gone all weekend and Paul is gone this weekend, too!!:( Thanks again!


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