Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh, What Fun It Is...

to have a bunch of kids decorate your Christmas cookies!

Here they are concentrating on holding those tiny sprinkles in their hands and delicately placing them individually on each cookie. Oh, the little tricks that keep them occupied...I'm a wicked mother!!


  1. Grace, your family is beautiful -- and congrats on baby #6!!!

    Thank you for the Christmas card -- it's fun to check out your blog!

    We hope your Christmas has been very joyful and that your New Year is full of blessings!

    Dave & Libby Upham

  2. Hey, great to hear from you all! Our Christmas was very peaceful...just stayed home & watched the snow fall ALL day long.:) We are looking forward to 2008...lots of surprises.

    Have a Happy & Blessed New Year!

    Grace & Paul


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