Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Go Team!

Two weekends ago, I heard a talk at a spiritual retreat I went to out in Wisconsin. The woman giving the talk was speaking about our personal plans in striving to fulfill our vocations as wives and mothers and giving our families the best encouragement we can. She asked us all, "But who's cheering us on?" Her point is that we forget that we also need a cheerleader that encourages us to encourage the others in our families. She pulled out this little ceramic cheerleader that she received when she graduated from high school. She recently found it in a box in storage and thought she should put it up somewhere in her kitchen. She assured us that the little cheerleader sits nicely up above the cupboards hidden where only she knows it's there. But it reminds her that someone, namely God, is on her side cheering on her efforts as wife and mother.

I resigned myself to find a cheerleader to put in my kitchen. I excitedly came home to tell Daddy about my idea and thought ebay would be my chore for the next week trying to find exactly the right one. He gently reminded me that I already have 3 cheerleaders in my kitchen. I told him I wasn't talking about Monica, Maria & Molly. But he said, "No. Look up here on the fridge. The girls' cheerleaders are right here!" I looked up and saw that, yes, I do have 3 wooden cheerleaders on my fridge.

Monica received these at a birthday party back in October. She made hers at the party and brought the other 2 home for Maria and Molly.

What happened to the cheerleaders? Monica's lost her head after Lucas and Molly played with it, Molly's was subjected to a 4 year old with markers, and Maria's is still intact.

I told Daddy they're not as peppy as the gal's who gave the talk. However, I think it fits just perfectly. I have 3 little cheerleaders who remind me of my life: not perfect, somewhat dysfunctional, occasionally somber, and yet ready to cheer the team on.

I think I've found my cheering section! God works through every imperfection...what a relief!


  1. Awesome Grace...yes He works in mysterious ways!

  2. Did you click on the photo? Then you can see the cheerleaders close up. Paul cracked up so much just looking at the distinctiveness of each one.


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