Thursday, December 20, 2007

Baker's Nightmare

I thought I had found the ultimate cookie gun for making German spritz cookies at Christmastime. This is the only time I ever pull mine out and I love to work with it. I first used a cookie gun or press, as they are also called, in my Home Ec. class back in TX. I liked making the dough, loading it in the barrel and then cranking out the cookies with a crank at the top. Since then I've gone through a number of cookie guns. Most of the ones I've bought have been made of plastic and would always crack in the oddest of places depending on my dough.

I finally found a stainless steel gun made by Wilton about 9 years ago. I liked it so much I bought one for my brother who also likes to bake. He barely uses his, but I use mine a lot! That's until this Christmas. I thought it was flawless. I thought it would last forever, but I was wrong. Plastic wins out again!

The disk that pushes the dough down the barrel is made of plastic so the metal rod that pushes the disk down punched right through the plastic and now my gun is no more! I checked Wilton's site and they don't make this product anymore!

My only other option is the Italian made Marcato cookie gun that also has a plastic "piston" that pushes the dough down. I don't know if I want to spend $40 on a cookie gun that I know will probably have the same result. Even if Martha Stewart recommends it, I'm not falling for the hype.:(


  1. Borrow Freds. Does he have his there?

  2. I thought about that! It's not's at Mom's in TX. On our next trip down there....:(


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