Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Project

Again, I've been roped into another project. The girls are very excited about Thanksgiving and have decided to do a play about the Pilgrims. Of course, they need costumes so I have taken on the task of making the outfits. The dresses seem simple enough. The bonnets on the other hand look a little complicated. Has that ever stopped me? Well, no. I like the sewing challenge. And, of course, I have the words of my mother echoing in the backgroung, "If you can read, you can sew!"

Thanks, Mom!


  1. Yahoo! I can't wait to see the play. Yes, I'm very excited about the visit too!

  2. The girls are so thrilled. They've been working like fiends with the homeschooling so they can be done by next Thursday. They want to make sure and have plenty of time to rehearse before you arrive. They're so serious about how they want it all to turn out. They asked me to be the narrator since I'm "such a good storyteller!!" I never knew I was!:)


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